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Workout with a wierd schedule


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  • Workout with a wierd schedule

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for lifting/ working out when you work a wierd shedule.

    We work -2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off
    12 hour shifts, switching from days to nights monthly.

    I would prefer to work out on days off, but am afraid if I only workout on days off, it may be counter productive. At the very least I would only like to do less on days on. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

    Just a thought, that is all I could spare

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    435 - the minimum amount of exercise you should be doing each week in order to establish a BASIC level of overall fitness is this:

    1. 20 minutes of cardio training 4x/week
    2. Strength training 3x/week
    3. Flexibility training 3x/week

    Knowing that, your job is figuring out how to fit those minimums into your erratic schedule. Some suggestions:

    1) Run for cardio - it's cheap, it's easy, it accessible, and you just need to walk out the front door of work or home and do it for 20 minutes each time. If you have other options (bike, swim, eliptical) then by all means mix it up a bit, but running is ultimately the most available (and useful in terms of work applications) and should be your primary cardio activity IMO.

    2) When considering strength training exercises you may want to consider compound exercises (ie. those that work MULTIPLE muscle groups at the same time - as opposed to SINGLE muscle groups). This approach is safer for those who are unfit or inexperienced lifters, and this approach is also more time efficient.

    3) So you can do some of your strength training at the house (even while you're watching TV):

    a) Buy a couple of sets of dumbbells (different weights) so you can do sets while watching TV

    b) Build yourself a pullup bar somewhere around the house (strong door jam in the house, from a beam in the garage, etc.) and don't walk past the bar without doing a set

    c) Do pushups and ab crunches (no equipment needed, effective exercises for specific areas, compound moves)

    4) Re: flexibility. I would really encourage you to do some of this (primarily from an injury prevention perspective. Strong but flexible muscles and joints are less prone to injuries of all kinds - particularly back injuries. Back injuries are one of the leading causes of workers' comp. claims, limited duties and absentee rates among LEO's). I would just say "suck it up, and try to do it regularly" - and I know it's tough for most people, but the effort is definately worth it

    What I've laid out again are minimums for the week. You won't achieve excellant levels of fitness working at this level. What you WILL achieve though is enhanced physical performance on and off the job, improved physical health, weight control, and stress relief. Now just take a look at your schedule, and figure out a way to fit this stuff into your life in a way that works for YOU.

    Good luck. Stay safe.


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      I've found that I do fine when I hit each body part once every 7-10 days with 7 being the best average. The stronger one gets the more rest they need anyway. Break your weight training days into whatever works in your schedule. If it means hitting splitting the upper body into two days a week(don't do them on consecutive days) or only doing one body part a week(bi's & tri's together) and working out every other day, then do it.

      I currently have no set schedule or rigid work out. I go with what works at the time as far as the weights are concerned and I get into the gym when I can and go from there.


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