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    Hey All,

    I'm 19 going on 20 in FEB. I want to start applying for departments as soon as I can which will be in about AUG when im 20 1/2. I'm a little on the light side right now though I weigh about 130-135 and im about 5'9". I also eat alot. Any suggestions on the best ways to gain some weight???

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    Get married!


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      Look at it this way....I'm 6'1" and about 165lbs soping wet....the only thing that adds weight to me is my duty rig and my vest...LOL.

      I have the metabolism that never shuts down....maybe it will eventually...I'm in my mid-late twenties...

      Of course pedaling a bike for a living most of the time will burn calories like a son-of-a-gun. I tried all the protein shakes etc...they just tore my stomach up.....that really sux when you are on a bike all day...LOL.

      Eat eat eat. ...workout, stay in the best shape you can, and be the strongest that your body will alow you to be. You're still very young and your metabolism is probably going ninety to nothing just like mine.
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        In his case, it's probably as much a filling out his frame thing as a metabolism thing. At 20, it may take you a few more years to grow into your mature physique, even being thin-framed. More so to the extent you have any of the other late development indicators like late facial growth onset and so forth.


        Anything like a protein shake that you add to your diet suddenly will do that to your digestion. A lot of times, the same shake that had you using your bike seat for a cork is stuff you could tolerate with no such problem if you add it more gradually...like half a serving every other day until your stomach gets used to it. I've said this on other threads, but underweight athletes don't really need protein supplements as much as carb supplements. Carbs are roughly twice as many calories per gram and they're the main source of (eventual) glycogen that your muscles burn for fuel, not protein. If you're already worried about running on a caloric deficit from burning them up, you're only going to end up burning that protein for energy anyway, and protein is a much less efficient energy source than carbs. So carbs actually "spare" whatever protein you eat for muscle tissue repair. Athletes who specifically tear down muscle through resistance training can add a little protein too, but to whatever extent it's an issue of burning too many calories being active, you need to replace those calories a lot more with carbs than protein. Guys who blow up too easily want to avoid simple carbs and stick with complex ones, but you guys on the thin side could benefit from some simpler carbs (i.e. sugars) too. Twinlab makes a supplement called Ultra Fuel that I liked much better for my purposes before they recently changed it making it 50% simple and 50% complex carbs, but it would be perfect for your needs. You can get it at any large health food chain in one-serving bottles or in powder form in 3 pound canisters that you mix in water like Cool Aid. Just don't have more than a glass a day or every other day too soon and you should be able to drink it all day within a few weeks without any intestinal issues. It's about 100 grams of carbs and 400 calories per serving and tastes pretty good, especially with some Equal mixed in.
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          i checked out a book from our library about nutrition and weightlifting stuff and this is what it says to add weight. if you're not very active then your number's 21, moderately active 24, very active was 26 (i think these were the right numbers, i'm at school right now) and whatever number you are multiply it by your body weight and that's how many calories you need daily. you need the calories from carbs, protein, and fat. i think it's like 65% carbs, 25% protein, 20% fat. anyways, it says add 500 to your calorie intake to gain weight. when you work out do 10-12 instead of heavier weights.
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            Hey thanx for the info. I'll check into it at GNC the next time I brave the mall on a Saturday.
            If you knew you would fight for you life tomorrow, would you change the way you trained today?


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              Actually I am married going on 2 years in Feb.
              Doesn't help much if we eat out most of the time ya know :P.
              Well thanx alot for all the info guys Ill try some of that ultra fuel stuff out and see if it helps..


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                I can relate. I was 5'11, 135 lbs until I hit the gym seriously and started on the protein shakes. Now I'm up to 170, but I'm stuck here. Not a bad weight, but it would be nice to add some more. The only way I got here was to lift heavy and eat heavy. My problem was metabolism and too much cardio, so I had to cut back on cardio. At 35, I was still as skinny as high school. I guess it is a nice problem to have considering most of what I see in Indiana.
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                  The Ultra Fuel suggestion was for Pedalin'Cop. If you want to try a supplement I'd try Twinlab Gainers Fuel at GNC. You can afford the fat in it and the protein is more necessary for you because you're still "growing" (even if not in height anymore). I drink Gainers Fuel 1000 because I can't afford the fat in the regular Gainers Fuel. Stay away from the Gainers Fuel 2500 though, because it's all sugar...and don't make the mistake of drinking more than one serving a day (or less) at first, even if you like it. Also, drink it a few hours after your last meal of the day because if you drink it between meals it will just end up replacing a meal instead of adding to your daily caloric intake. There's a lot of info on this stuff on old fitness/supplement threads...and whatever you do, don't talk to anybody on the other side of a health food store counter about anything other than the price of their products. They usually know less than you do about fitness or nutrition and will just try to sell you whatever products they're supposed to move this month.


                  I know it goes against what you hear in gyms, but if you're stuck at 170 training heavy, try training lighter for a little while and just get a good pump instead of worrying about strength. There's a good chance you have plenty of relatively untrained muscle fibers that can stil grow but don't get stimulated enough just by your warm-up/cool-down sets.
                  No longer ignoring anybody here, since that psycho known as "Josey Wales" finally got the boot after being outed as a LE imposter by B&G978. Nice job.


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                    I use Prolab's NLarge2 GREAT stuff...and eat..eat eat eat some more, McDs Wendys, steak, chicken...you name it..just eat!
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                      Find your closest college or university, sneak in and eat dorm food for at least two meals a day. Within six months you will have the opposite problem, guarenteed.


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