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I get cramps out of the middle of nowhere, need some advice


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    Originally posted by rebbryan
    actually during my last physical doc told me i was a little more flat flooted that the usual person
    Well then Rebbie..ya probably need to see a foot doctor and get some supports thingies for your shoes. The fascia and all the other things in your foot take a beating when the arch is too high or flat....little toe bones get smooshed, tissue gets irritated...etc....after I had my baby, my feet felt horrible; the tendons, muscles, etc had taken such a beating with the extra weight I carried and I did not wear great shoes....just those slip on things. I mean, it was a pain to tie shoes, so I avoided it.Several months without support on my arch and extra weight did a number on my feet. Well, the cramps I had were pretty painful, especially when I was barefoot. So I just started wearing my Tennis shoes with great arch supports. New Balance shoes are my favorite. Those exercises helped too. I get plantar fascitis from time to time because of my arches..then calf cramps, but I just take care of it myself. I initially saw a doc, as mentioned..had to make sure it was not residual injury related to the accident. It was not.

    But, go to the doctor....GO..GO..GO.....
    After that, and you know it is not a circulation thing, get one of those paraffin things...it is awesome...plus it makes your feet all soft and pretty.....I even use it for my hands ...have a little arthritis is them and a healed broken wrist..feels good on that too.

    When I used to go to P.T......that was used every now and then and my insurance paid for it as heat therapy....it costs about 30 bucks at a salon. It is cheaper and just as effective at home......

    Take care...let me know you you are doing....and you better go to the doctor just for the feet thing....a specialist!
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