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    Is 3 1/2 months ample time to prepare an average joe, albiet a bit overweight, non-smoker to train for a police academy?

    Thanks in advance!
    Yeah, about your "Rights"....


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    Run at least 4 times a week to improve. Weights can be done 3 or 4 times per week. Try not to over do it but you have to be consistent.
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      Sure weights will help but for atleast the fist 3-4 weeks do nothing but push-ups sit-ups and run like a mofo...use your own bodyweight at first. I dont care what anyone says, it works, and has helped me tremendously...but like jarhead said, BE CONSISTENT!!


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        Futureblue - good answers from both of these guys. You have plenty of time to get into semi-decent shape before the academy - but start now and (like they said) do it consistantly.

        With running - start slowly (walk-run). Don't worry about distance (go for time - 20 minutes to start out if you have not run in a while). Within only a few weeks you will notice that you will automatically be running more and walking less (don't be in a hurry for this to happen - it will happen automatically if you're patient).

        When you can run for 20 minutes straight without stopping (and can run 20 minutes straight for 3 or 4 runs in a row) begin to add 1-2 minutes to your running time each week.

        If you do this you should be able to run for 30 minutes straight by the time you hit the academy.

        The pushups, situps and strength training? Yeah - do those too.

        Suggestion - try squeezing in the pushups/situps right after your runs (while your body is still warm and you are still motivated). Or do a set before your run, and then another set right after. Do lots of 'em during the commercials while you're watching TV.

        Actual weight training - if you're not doing it right now, you may want to think about just doing a general overall strengthening program (entire body during each strength workout). Focus on the largest muscle groups, and work on overall increases in strength and endurance. At this stage you don't need "no fancy program"!!

        Take a day or two off each week to rest.

        Edit: If you haven't seen it already, take a look up in the General section of this forum - there is a guy up there going through the academy right now. LOTS of running, pushups etc. Really try to workout regularly between now and when you start the academy. Stick with it, and you'll be fine.
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          Thank you all!

          I am just so DAMN NERVOUS!!

          It's a dream I have had since the end of high school..

          Now have the opportunity...

          I am sure you all know what I mean..

          Failure is NOT an option..you know?

          Anyways, keep those ideas coming please!
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          Yeah, about your "Rights"....



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            Good luck.


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