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    How do you develop a 6 pack?

    I know this is a superficial topic but I would like to know what is involved then I can decide if I could achieve it.

    I have been told numerous different reasons why most people don

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    Well I've been told by my trainer that the best way to achieve a defined 6 pack is both. You must obviously watch what you eat (a given), yet also what you drink. Water can play a big role in losing weight. All those pops in the end can hurt your goal of a defined anything if you know what I mean. You should drink "at least" a gallon of water a day. As for excercising running is always a good thing, but you want to do a lot of ab excercises also. For ex: Hanging upside down and crunching upward vs. floor crunchs works a lot better. I have a list that works along with a meal plan. If you would like to talk PM me or repost to let me know if you're intrested. You'll have no problem getting that 6 pack if you want it bad enough! Good luck to you!
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      Everyone has a 'six pack.'

      The problem is that most people's six pack is covered by fat. The only way to expose these muscles is by getting rid of the fat. This can be done by a combination of cardio and calorie reduction.

      There is a common misconception that doing lots of abdominal exercises will develop a six pack. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The muscles do not grow like other muscles do.


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        What Patrick said...exactly.

        The answer is pretty simple, but it's not what anybody wants to hear:

        It's all diet, basically. Your abs are easy enough to "develop" and almost anybody in reasonable condition from any kind of athletic activity has "developed" abs. A "six pack" means being able to SEE your abs and that's almost solely a function of the thickness of the skin and fat layer covering them.

        At every police candidate fitness test there are some individuals who have to struggle just to do 15 proper situps in a minute...THOSE people don't have any abdominal muscles. If you can do situps, then you already have "abs". Adjust your diet to lower your body fat and you'll be able to SEE what's already under there.

        Five or ten minutes of abdominal work a few times a week is enough for a "six pack" if you have very low body fat. Conversely, every gym is full of people with guts hanging over their belts who spend a half hour on every piece of abdominal equipment and/or twisting for twenty minutes with a stick on their shoulders.

        The only proviso is, people who already have a hard time maintaining a body weight at which they feel (and/or look) strong might not be able to maintain that body weight at a body fat level where they also have a "six pack" (without flexing, anyway). But to the extent you want to see your abs, the answer is almost always lowering your body fat percentage and not some super duper abdominal "workout".
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          I knew the answer would be the hard one, lose body fat!


          Drop me a line Lawgrl.


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