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My fitness pal?!


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  • My fitness pal?!

    Guy, if you ever used this aap My Fitness Pal is it really work for you guys?
    I have been used it for more than 3 months, yes, it helped me lose weigh, but not any more after 3 months, my weigh stay still 87kg.... Shall i stop use it?

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    I use it. It has worked great for me. Everyone is different but for me personally changing up the exercise, intensity and foods you eat brings more change. Many times a repeat of the same brings about stagnancy.
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      Losing weight isn't the point. Are you losing fat and gaining muscle? Are you more fit?

      Exercise, become fit, and the weight will take care of itself.

      Don't worry about what the scale says, run farther, run faster, lift more weight. That's what matters.
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        It's a tool and I think it does well for what it is. I 've used it for several years and have found that it's best used to ensure that you have enough of the right macro nutrients (protein, carbs, fats) for your workout rather than something that will make you lose weight. Those predictions based on your current daily intake are way off so just stay consistent with the app and make sure you're eating for your goals.


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          it works great for tracking macros. After a few weeks I had a good idea of my intake and stopped using it. It's more what you're eating that has halted the weight loss than the app..
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