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When and Where Do You Guys Run?


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  • When and Where Do You Guys Run?

    I just got back from a run, and I feel awesome! It is cold and sunny outside - perfect weather for a Saturday afternoon run.

    Summers are very hot and humid in Tennessee, and even though I have been down here for almost 7 years I just can't get used to the heat. Every summer my running distance goes down, my times get slower, and I feel like I'm gutting out every single mile. It sucks, and for 4 or 5 months I really dislike running.

    And then it gets cold again - my mileage goes up, my times go down, and I remember why I love running so much.

    I ran in the rain the other day - I ran when it was 21 degrees outside another morning - it's all good

    Before the time change I was running after work - now I'm running before work. Pretty soon it will be too dark at both times, and I'll be stuck on a treadmill during the week.

    So.....my preferences:

    1. outside
    2. mornings
    3. cold (preferably dry - but rain is OK too)

    When do you guys like to run, and where?

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    Need I say more?
    Summer months are too brutal run in except EARLY MORNING or after work. Or go inside to the tread mill.

    Spring and winter months are great, during the day, but when that wind is blowing, forget that!

    I love running the roads - can't stand a track. The military burned me of that. Running in cirlces is so freaking boring.

    Anyone run with a MP3 player or any type of music device?
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    Thomas Paine


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      Originally posted by hooahmedic
      TEXAS! Need I say more?
      OK - you've SHAMED me into shutting up I'll stop whining about the heat in Tennessee

      I have a fair number of people who come into my community center who walk around the gym in the morning - 24 laps for a mile. Can't even BEGIN to imagine the tedium. Same with a track.

      Run the roads most of the time - sometimes the trails.

      I also listen to music a lot when running (on tapes - don't even freakin' KNOW what an MP3 is - too old for new fangled electronic gadgets ). Ran a marathon last winter listening to a Linkin Park tape my son had made me (carried extra batteries in my sock )


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        Now, I ain't no computer whiz but if you have Windows Media Player,
        you are good to go.
        Go to Best Buy, put some shekels down a good MP3 and you'll never go back.
        It stores several hours of music. It stores them digitally so that they can be compressed. Buy one, take it home, follow the directions on loading the program. You can either down load music off of those
        music web sites or you can load them from any music CD you have. You get tired of the music on it, delete the files and put new ones on. ?Takes just a couple of minutes.

        Best thing is, it weights next to nothing, you can wear it on your arm like in a band - most come with a runners band. It frees up your hands. It plays for hours and the absolute best thing -

        It dosen't skip

        Once you try it, you'll never want to carry a bulky CD player or tape player again.

        Unfortunatly, I only speak from my non experience. Ain't got the dough to buy one but I still look and edumacate myself. I'm just waiting to find a Ben Franklin that ain't got to be used elsewhere and we'll be cooking with grease!
        "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day that my child may have peace"
        Thomas Paine


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          Much better on battery life than tape or CD players too.
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            I like the bumper sticker:

            I Rather Be Running

            I run everywhere. I like outside runnning the best, but its much more difficult when it is below zero. Then I hit the "gerbil machine" at the gym and feel like a trapped animal.

            MP3 player all the time.



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              Originally posted by K9 Police
              [B] I like outside runnning the best, but its much more difficult when it is below zero. Then I hit the "gerbil machine" at the gym and feel like a trapped animal.
              With all the technical clothing available now it's easier to run outside in the winter than it was years ago - if you haven't bought any of the hi-tec stuff it's definately worth the investment to buy a couple of good pieces. It puts off the move to indoors running a bit longer


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                When the weather is decent I run outside at different times. Usually early afternoon or evening. I try to do a minimum of 3 miles when I run. I had been running around a near by lake that's about 2 miles around. That trail is paved which I don't really like. A friend of mine turned me onto a state park with lots of hills a nice unpaved trail. Running on the unpaved trails is so much better than paved trails in my opinon. Much more fun and mentally stimulating. It is officially winter in Minnesota so I'm relegated to the tread mill now. I had to take the CD player with me yesterday and it made a huge difference. Usually I'm dying at the 1.5 mile mark and I made it a full 4 miles with the music.
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                  I've been getting out to run either during lunch or right after I get done. Here in PA, it could be downright cold in the mornings.

                  I've been running with the body armor cold weather pants (underneath my sweats - i'm not that modest!), a long sleeve cool max shirt and a t-shirt over that. After the first 1/2 mile, the cold is no longer a factor.

                  I've been running outside just about every day. The only exceptions have been when we had the last snow storm hit and the few days following that. As long as the course is relatively clear of snow and ice, i'll try to run it.

                  Just make sure that you get a really good warm up before you run.


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                    Hi, well I ran during Spring, Summer, and Fall, I usually would run on country roads, I live on a farm, and their is nothing better than running on a beautiful day, at the end of grade 10 I decided to become a police officer, so I started getting into physical shape, but I could barely do 15 push ups, 20 sit ups, or run for 1 mile. But by the fall, I could do 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, and I have run 10 miles in one hour. But winter came, and so far I have only run 5 times in three months. Canada sucks because of the six months of winter, and -20, and -30 degree days, thats in celcius.
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                      CC - I used to run in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario in the dead of winter and have run in -20C. As long as the roads were clear and the day was sunny (and not windy) I was good to go. Lots of layers and tech-clothing, and once I was warmed up the cold wasn't an issue. Getting out the front door in the first place, was the hardest part!!

                      Buy most of my everyday clothes at Goodwill stores - spend big bucks on workout clothing/gear .

                      Still remember running when I was a teenager - canvas Converse high-tops, cotton shirts and cotton sweatshirts. Never gave a second thought to "hydration". Never thought about carbo-loading. Never wore a watch to track my times. Didn't know (and didn't care) how many minutes/mile I ran. Didn't keep a workout log. Just ran for the sheer joy of running.

                      OK - I'm makin' myself feel old - I think I'll shutup now.
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                        Wow, you're originally from Canada. Yeah well I actually tried running out in the cold here for a few times, and put on some extra clothing. But I found it to be fairly uncomfortable, so I started running at the rec centre a few times. It was alright, the only negative thing about it was that it cost 4 bucks to run, and the power walkers were always in my way.


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                          Originally posted by Crazy Canuck
                          Wow, you're originally from Canada.
                          Actually no - but I lived in Canada for many years - BC, NB and Ont. Never saw so much snow in my life as when I lived in the Soo.


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                            Usually just a fast walk, like from the car through the lot and into the door. If it is raining or snowing I might jog it, but I don't want to shock my body too much.

                            Just kidding. I run mostly on the treadmill, my knees just ache after a couple days on the sidewalk and street.
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                              I just got done running a few minutes ago. Outside temp was around 16F and sunny. It took about 2-3 miles to really get warmed up. If you dress warm you can run at nearly any temp. As long as its dry out, I run outside. I run for 40 minutes or so = 5-6 miles.


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