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    I am looking for a good work-out program to get my butt back in shape. In high school I had to run all the time for soccer and basketball, but I only did it for those reasons. Since I don't have a sport that I continuously play anymore, I have stopped running (other than what I did in academy). I need some motivation as well . Can anyone recommend something?

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    Well, I guess I am curious what your goals are?

    Cardiovascular Fitness?


    Overall wellness?
    Also what is your Height/Wt and your age..

    this will help me give you a more accurate answer
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      for motivation i listen to rock music and some show on cable having to do with guns/physical fitness/ etc. tv and radio in the workout room at the FD
      We don't need no stinking badges!

      If there ain't no waves, you ain't rowing!


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        I want to get myself in good shape overall. I'm 5'11" 231 lbs. I'm not a blob by any means, and I can still get out and run when I feel the urge, but I just have trouble getting that urge . I need to get down to around 190-200 and make it mostly muscle.


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          Sixpanel, it is good to see you getting the motivation already to get better for your body

          First of all, I recommend some serious cardio, do it I would say, maybe once everyday at least. That will be what trims down on your fat. It can be ANYTHING from stairmasters, elpitical machines, treadmills etc.

          Just do it for about 20-30 mins. You can EVEN shoot hoops if you want. Or, if you have access to a heavy bag like I do, try that...

          But mostly, it is going to be your diet. Low carbs, high protein. Now, that is HARD around our field of work, because we are all always eating.
          Chicken, turkey, tuna, fish etc are all good sources. Stay away from high carb foods like pasta, and dread I say it.....BEER.

          If you have any other questions let me know..
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            Sixpanel - you have three major components of fitness that you want to try and focus on:

            1. cardiovascular endurance (to improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs, burn calories, and aid in disease prevention)

            2. muscular strength and endurance (to improve your physical appearance, assist in speeding up your metabolism, and decrease your injury risk)

            3. flexibility (particularly to aid in injury prevention)

            You want to try to do some kind of cardio workout MOST days a week (which means at least 4 days a week). It can be running, biking, swimming, stairclimbing, eliptical training, shooting baskets - anything that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up consistantly for at least 20-30 minutes each workout.

            Most LE fitness tests require some amount of running, so I would encourage you to use 1 or 2 of your cardio days as running days. To keep motivation and interest up, and to aid in injury prevention, also think about doing other activities for cardio during the 2 other workouts.

            You want to try and work S&E about 3 days a week - resistance training (lifting weights) or calisthenics (pushups, ab crunches etc.) or some combination of both.

            For just general overall improvement of this component it should be OK to work both upper and lower body on the same day - 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps at a moderate weight. Work all major muscle groups, and strive for muscle balance in your workout (work back/abs, work chest/upper back, work quads/hamstrings, work biceps/triceps etc.).

            Work this component 3-4 times a week (at the end of your regular workouts while your body is still warm). Long slow stretches (hold each stretch for 30 seconds, relax, do the same stretch again). Keep breathing throughout your stretch (there is a real tendancy to want to hold your breath - don't), try to relax into each stretch (easier said than done!!).

            All components are integral to a well-structured general fitness program, and I would really suggest that you work 'em all into your week.

            RE: WEIGHT LOSS
            I would really suggest that you eat a high complex-carbohydrate diet (with some lean protein and some fat). ProWriter discussed in the Protein thread what good quality complex-carbs look like - they are integral in terms of providing you with enough energy to sustain you during your new-found workouts.

            No 1 nutritional component is "bad" or "good" in terms of weight loss - the bottom line is that if you want to lose body fat, you have to take in LESS calories than you BURN through activity.

            To maintain good health, and provide you with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs each day, you need to eat a wide variety of foods from a wide variety of sources (breads, cereals, lean meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables).

            Originally posted by sixpanel
            I can still get out and run when I feel the urge, but I just have trouble getting that urge .
            Motivation is a funny thing - it's really individual and unique for each person. Without knowing you, I can't know what it is that will DO it for YOU.

            Once someone is exercising regularly, there are all sorts of things they do to keep themselves motivated when enthusiasm for an activity starts to wane (which it does for ALL of us at one time or another).

            When I'm stuck in a rut with running I'll change SOMETHING - I'll run in a different location; usually I run alone so I'll find a running partner for a while; sometimes I'll wear headphones; sometimes I'll play typical running "mindgames" to make the miles go faster; I'll set short-term goals that give me something specific to work towards; sometimes I'll register last-minute for a race (I figure if I have to run ANYWAY that day I might as well get a T-shirt and after-race food out of the deal); and if all else fails I'll just take a week or two off running and do something else.

            Same thing with lifting - go with a friend, wear headphones, pay the day pass rate and visit all the different gyms in your town, buy cool workout clothes so you look the part (if you LOOK the part, very often you also FEEL the part ).

            In terms of people who are not currently active, but WANT to be currently active - my experience is that they typically set multiple goals for themselves that are almost unreachable (they're gonna lose 25 pounds, and workout 7 days a week, and quit smoking, and eat "better", and....) - and it's too much. Typically they get hurt, or just really sore - the lofty goals seem too big - they get discouraged - and they quit.

            Improvements in fitness all come about as a result of CONSISTANCY - you WILL get fitter if you workout regularly. My suggestion is to set one goal for now - and that is to work out 4 times a week (with some combinations of the three major fitness components I discussed). As the Nike commercials say - Just Do It. Don't worry about how far you run (or walk), how heavy you lift, how many sets you do.

            Fitness is a habit (like all the other good and bad habits we have in our lives), and my feeling is that just setting (and meeting) a goal of doing SOMETHING 4 times a week is success in and of itself.

            If you can do that - if you can just SHOW UP consistantly, I promise you that over time the rest will take care of itself. Trust me on this one

            Fitness isn't a destination - it's a journey.


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