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    and don't slap anybody.
    Not even if they deserve it? lol just kidding..

    You are correct, my friend Amy is a nutrionist as well as a Physique Competitor, and she has a lot of school behind her, infact, that is what I want to go to school for Nutrition/Kinesiology (forgive my spelling)

    I have always said 1.5g is what is needed for an active person, do I have your agreement though, that the RDA is based on a sedentary lifestyle?

    I myself eat like 5-6 times a day, a lot of chicken, tuna, cottage cheese, and while I, well #2 a lot, I feel healthy, and I feel MUCH better than I did before I was a bodybuilder. Thanks for expressing your views Prowriter, I hope It doesn't seem like i am trying to get into a debate with you or anything, if I do, I apologize..

    With Respect
    Certified Personal Trainer


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      No prob FF...that's not what I meant by "with respect to" though...I meant it in the sense "in so far as" and so forth.

      Yeah the RDA minimums are meaningless to athletes or anybody trying to gain weight. I'm saying a CLASSIC mistake we all make in the beginning is stuffing ourselves with ridiculous amounts of protein as soon as we read (and hear in the gym) that protein rebuilds muscle.

      When you eat much more than a gram per pound of body weight, your body just burns it for fuel instead of carbs, or it just passes right through you...but whatever happens to it, it doesn't become muscle.

      If you have a 30-40g protein source with each of those 5-6 meals, that's already a big cushion "just in case". The added calories in a gain weight diet should be almost all complex carbs. Carbs also SPARE the protein you eat for your muscles, whereas if you eat too much protein and too few carbs, protein gets burned for energy. Protein is also much less efficient for energy, and the by-products of protein synthesis can be harmful to your kidneys according to much medical research.

      I'm just trying to help you avoid some of the mistakes we ALL made way back when...and help the other people looking for advice here do the same OK Bro'? No offense intended.
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        ahh..yep yep...s'all good..."dawg"

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