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Pain in lowel leg?


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  • Pain in lowel leg?

    This is a message that I had read two day`s ago from Canadian Armed Forces phorum: PHORUM

    "This could be shin splints....has been happening for while off and on. Like i run for a week and it doesn't hurt stopo for a couple weeks and its there. well just happened this week. Anybody else experience this problem and if you did what did you do to treat it?"
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    I also had that problem around one year ago. It is started in winter when I run 8 km per day. Doctor said that this is ok, just apply something warm after your running on your`s shank. I am used running shoes, but pain stell apearing. I finish my training for the next 4 months. Now, I using SWAT tactical boots "Night Hawk" EVERY day in the morning, when I do my 8 km run with tactical waistcoat 100 lb. And I forgot about pain, I think, the problem is not with your running shoes, something MUST grip your shank when you run and tactical boots the best choice. So, after 7 months of trainig I don`t know anymore that problem, SWAT boots realy help me.

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    i think i speak for everyone when i say "Huh?" keep working on that English nighty
    We don't need no stinking badges!

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