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    Im looking for information on Brooks Running Shoes. I recently purchased this pair: http://www.brooksrunning.com/gear/fw...erin2_Tech.pdf
    they have a return date of 30 days i can return the, so if anyone has used these shoes before and or know of the company information on quality and feel would eb great. From what i could tell at the merchant they felt good on my feet.

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    I have had a real problem for the last year with shin splints while running distance. I finally broke down and went to a store where the owner is a marathon runner, and he did the whole analysis of my foot. I ended up purchasing a pair of Brooks, and they have been wonderful! That was about two and a half months ago, and I wish I'd had these shoes a long time ago. I hope your shoes work for you as well as mine have for me.



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      Quite a few years ago I was at the gym and wanted to run on the treadmill. I realized that I had left my running shoes at home, so borrowed a pair from a friend of mine who wore the same size shoes as me. They were Adidas shoes, and they KILLED my feet. I ended up cutting the run short, because those nasty-*** shoes hurt so much.

      Brooks, Nike, New Balance, Asics (and all the other athletic shoe companies) make good running shoes. And nowadays most companies make shoes that meet the specific needs of a variety of runners (those who overpronate, underpronate, have a heavier frame, etc.).

      But I don't think that people should make decisions re: their shoe choice based solely on the feedback of others - because there are too many variables. Everybody has their own unique running style, is built a little differently, has different biomechanical issues, has different injuries, will run on different surfaces, will put in different mileage totals, is carrying different amounts of body weight, etc. etc.

      Your best bet is still to try different shoes on at a running store - at least your first good pair. Once you have found a brand and shoe you like you can do the internet thing. Some other suggestions when purchasing shoes:

      1) Bring in your old running shoes so that a salesperson can help identify any biomechanical issues you have

      2. Go late in the day when you feet are at their largest

      3) Try on a variey of shoes - then test run them around the store

      Even after being fitted by a knowledgeable salesperson in a running shoe store and then test-driving them in the store, there's still a good possibility that the first shoes you buy will not be the ones you stick with over the long term. Honestly, there is some trial and error involved in this whole deal as well, because a test-drive in the store is just not the same thing as a long run in the rain on a Sunday morning.
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