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  • Pre-Work Out Suppliments

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone here have any experience with Pre-Work Out Suppliments? What have been your experiences with them? Do they work beyond being energy pills. Everytime I stop into NutriShop tog get Whey Protien the clerk tries to get me on the following in addition to what I normally take:


    Would something like this also look bad on backgrounds/medicals for PD's? I know that pre-work out suppliments can tread a thin line. Thanks for any information and responses!

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    Fresh fruit and coffee work pretty darned well.
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      I haven't heard of that specific product so I decided to do a bit of research, and from what I found I'd suggest skipping on it. It seems to get pretty good reviews but the biggest turn offs are the price, long term side effects of testosterone boosters, and the need for it. As far as drug testing for a police job, I'm not sure what the outcome would be but me personally, I try to stay away from hardcore supplements and boosters just to be safe. I would suggest trying a pre-workout supplement that's not quite as hardcore or expensive. I'm currently using Assault by MusclePharm, and I use to use Ravage by GNC but it gave me really bad shakes. There's also Jack3d or other similar supplements. Try some of these, they contain creatine and B vitamins and won't cause any abnormalities with drug testing. I recommend Assault, but try Googling those I mentioned and see what you find.


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        In general, the most powerful, effective, and (surprisingly) cheap pre-workout is....


        No, seriously. Virtually every single "pre-workout" product consists of the same few base ingredients, which are:

        Caffeine, L-Arginine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, and B-Vitamins. The other ingredients, which can include creatine, BCAA's, etc. don't have any impact on the actual energy/motivation/pump you experience during the workout.

        That being said, why waste your money on high priced products like NO Explode, Jack3d, etc., which on top of being mostly just caffeine/beta Alanine, are also loaded with artificial sweetener (sucuralose, aspartame, etc.) as well as artificial flavors/colors/etc.

        If you care about your long term health, and your wallet, buy the following:

        Caffeine Powder
        Beta Alanine Powder
        Vitamin B Complex Powder

        Mix the following:

        200mg caffeine
        2g Beta Alanine
        5g Citrulline Malate
        1g Vitamin B Complex (Optional)

        Mix all items together with about 8 oz water. It will taste bitter. If you want to fix the flavor, add 1 packet of Stevia and/or a splash of fruit juice.

        You will immediately feel the exact same effects as the typical pre-workout supps, expect it will cost you only about 20 cents EACH, and you will be sparing your body from all that artificial poison.

        For the ultimately cheap or lazy man, two cups of black coffee, pre-workout, also will do the trick for energy - just no tingly super pumped feeling.


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          Sardines are a good take-along protein source. Just peel the top off the metal can and munch on them after a workout, but be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. What’s so special about sardines? Each small fish you pop into your mouth has 8 grams of protein and only 70 calories. Sardines are also loaded with healthy omega-3 fats that help to reduce inflammation. That’s a good thing if you’re worried about after-exercise soreness. Enjoy them with whole grain crackers and mustard or toss them on onto a salad or into your next batch of homemade spaghetti sauce. They’re a good break from canned tuna.
          sardines can be easily found in high-quality extra-virgin olive oil. More important is their function in making leucine, an amino acid, more effective in its role as the catalyst for protein synthesis. Some research also suggests that omega-3 fats can actually help older people overcome agerelated deficits in anabolism, making omega-3s especially important for older lifters.
          Pre-workout snacks should be eaten approximately 1 to1 .5 hours before training. Portion size is important and should be kept to around 4 ounces so that training doesn’t interfere with digestion. Make sure you are properly hydrated; dehydration will keep you from seeing results.
          If you are strength training, your pre-workout meal should include caffeine, almonds or avocados, all of which trigger dopamine release. Dopamine is involved in motivation, drive, interest and muscle control and function – and these neurotransmitters can affect athletic performance.
          Try wild caught salmon with a handful of almonds, Carpaccio made from grass-fed beef paired with avocado, or 2-3 sardines with a small portion of caviar.
          If you want to increase your muscle mass, you should aim to increase your insulin levels before working out. The optimal pre-workout meal should include a serving of lean protein such as fish, turkey, or egg whites along with a complex carbohydrate that is either the same size as the protein
          You can see more information in this post https://wikihomenutrition.com/sardines-health-benefits/ it provides more function than function for workout.


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