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"Fish Oil" and Prostate Cancer Connection?


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  • "Fish Oil" and Prostate Cancer Connection?

    I'm sure you all have seen the headlines on this one. If concerned and or interested in the topic, Dr. Lopez examines in objective detail what risks, if any, long chain fatty acids (the “fish oils” EPA/DHA would be in that category) present to the prostate.

    Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Friend or Foe to Prostate?
    More than meets the eye to recent controversy over omega-3 levels and prostate cancer risk—Lets take a closer look

    Hector Lopez, MD, CSCS, FAAPMR

    A large-scale prospective case-cohort study evaluating plasma fatty acid levels and prostate cancer risk, published in JNCI (Journal of the National Cancer Institute) online ahead of print on July 10th, 2013 has created quite the stir amongst media, health care professionals, nutrition researchers, and the dietary supplement industry…Again! To quote the great Yogi Berra, “It’s like déjà vu, all over again.”

    This recent study was led by Drs. Alan Kristal from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Theodore Brasky of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center in the USA as a follow up to their 2011 study. This new study analyzed data and blood plasma phospholipid status from men who participated in the SELECT (Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial) trial from 427 participating sites across Europe, USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. Blood was analyzed for 834 “cases” diagnosed with prostate cancer (156 of which were high-grade), and an age-matched subcohort, comparison group of 1,393 all of which were selected from the 35,533 participants.

    Continued HERE
    - Will

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    And I just bought two big bottles of nordic naturals. Damn


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      Jury is still out. I dont like where this is headed at all. Im a Pure Pharma guy, myself.
      "Anyone can beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it." - Prefontaine


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        When it comes to benefits of wheat germ, people usually refer to its ability to prevent cancer.

        In reality, cancer is a dangerous health problem which may easily cause dealth.

        Unfortunately, cancer remains uncured.

        Therefore, it is important to prevent the growth of cancerous cells inside the body.

        Among many natural foods for cancer prevention, wheat germ is popular.

        By adding wheat germ into daily diet, people may lower risk factors for many cancer types.

        In fact, wheat germ shows good ability to neutralize glucose metabolism and keep numerous kinases in check.

        Glucose metabolism and kinases are 2 factor which may trigger cancer.

        Many healthy foods are derived from wheat germ. The molecular composition of these products, however, greatly differs as shown by normal-phase HPLC-mass spectrometry analysis; thus, experimental data obtained by one of them is not necessarily true for the other. Avemar is a nontoxic wheat germ extract registered as a special nutriment for cancer patients in Hungary. It shows potent anticancer activity on cell lines by deeply interfering with glucose metabolism and affecting expressions of several kinases. In in vivo experimental models, Avemar is also effective by enhancing the activity of the immune system such as stimulating NK cell activity (by reducing MHC I molecule expression), enhancing TNF secretion of the macrophages, increasing ICAM 1 molecule expression on the vascular endothelial cells. All of these lead to apoptosis of tumor cells. The wide range of biological activity of Avemar probably cannot be explained by only one active ingredient. Since there are numerous experimental data and the clinical benefit repeatedly confirmed Avemar can be one of the most potent and best researched food supplements available for cancer patients.



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          Hmm. On cursory perusal of some of the literature, it looks to me like Avemar has shown some promise in inhibiting teratomatous growth in vitro -- it's mentioned e.g. on this page from Sloan-Kettering -- it is hypothesized that 2,6-dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone is the primary inhibitory agent -- actions of quinones have long been investigated in tumor-related (and other) medical research.

          Some important considerations regarding wheat germ that are germane specifically to the topic areas of this thread are not mentioned in your post: for example, mature wheat germ contains significant quantities of phytoestrogens, while green youthful wheat germ contains less of phytoestrogens and more of phytoandrogens.

          Other effects of wheat germ may not always be beneficial. Wheat germ agglutinin tends to bind to important elastase inhibitors (elastase is an enzyme that facilitates destruction of elastin -- too much elastin destruction is a proximate cause of pulmonary emphysema), thus reducing some anti-elastase activity, thereby resulting in increased destruction of elastin. If you're at risk for emphysema, genetically or otherwise (e.g. from smoking -- obviously, if you smoke, you shout quit -- if you want to continue with nicotine, maybe consider a non-combustive delivery system, as WillBrink posted in another of his threads here), or perhaps if you have age-associated sore knees, maybe you should avoid wheat germ, including fermented extracts that contain agglutinin, as Avemar, and its US brand Avé do (both names are derived from the vulgate translation of the salutation of Gabriel to Mary -- Luke 26-30). One of their promotional sites shows some responsibility about disclosing some possible adverse side effects -- e.g. the saccharide-metabolic effects may be adverse for diabetic or hypoglycemic persons -- the anticoagulant effects can be too much for some persons, especially if taken in concert with other blood-thinning agents.

          With any supplements, you have to look at the big picture, and let much of the balancing act be done by a well-treated body with a common-sense diet.
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            I have read one article that said fish oil is useless


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