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McDonalds is sooo good...but...


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  • McDonalds is sooo good...but...

    Oh man, I absolutely love McDonald's McChicken Sandwiches and French Fries. I've been eating one sandwich from McDonald's every single day for quite a while. Now I can feel my body moving slower and it feels heavier. But man, it's sooo good.
    "when in doubt, do something"

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    When I was in school I remember going to McDonalds with friends after a night on the town - beer always seemed to bring out a craving for a filet of fish, french fries, and a strawberry sundae.........with nuts.

    Youth is definately wasted on the young. Wouldn't think of doing that now - older, wiser, and (maybe) slightly more anal.


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      We get it for half price while on duty, it is not the best food in the world but at that price I make do!


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        One thing i have learned from McDonald's...if i still want to keep eating there, I need to keep on exercising. I absolutely love eating there. But, over the years, I have learned that by not eating their fries I am better off. If there is ever a day when I can't keep up with the youngins while on the job, sorry Mckies, you gots to go.
        "Its not cheating, unless you get caught."-Al Bundy


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          This is one of those times when little or no knowledge is a really bad thing. For those of you who eat regularly in fast-food restaurants please know that there is information out there that will inform you re: exactly what you are eating. A couple of web sites you might want to check out:

          This one contains the nutritional information re: all McDonalds menu items.


          This one contains nutritional information re: menu items for most of the favorite fast food-type restaurants.


          A Big Mac has 580 calories and contains 48g of fat (which is 73% of all the daily fat you should be consuming). A Supersize Fries has 610 calories and 29g of fat (which is 45% of your daily fat). Eat them both together and you have eaten more dietary fat in those two items, than you should be eating for the entire day, as well as half your daily calories.

          The other issue to consider is that a good portion of the fat you consume in fast food restaurants is saturated fat - the blood pressure and cholesterol raising, artery clogging, heart disease producing kind of fat.

          Suggestions re: McDonalds:

          1. Take some time to read the nutritional information

          2. Don't eat this stuff every day - go for once or twice a week at most. Begin to consider fast food a "sometimes" treat instead of a main staple of your diet

          3. Go with smaller items - quarter pounder instead of double quarter pounder, fish sandwich instead of big mac, small fries instead of large, don't supersize ever again etc.

          4. Skip the mayonaise and special sauces - ask for extra tomatoes, pickles, lettuce etc. Use more ketchup and mustard as condiments

          5. Drink diet soft drinks - you'll get used to the taste. Skip the
          regular pops and definately skip the shakes and sundaes (try a soft serve cone instead). Even better - drink milk, and eat fruit for dessert

          Small changes can make all the difference in terms of weight loss and overall health enhancement.


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            Big Mac - 580 calories, 33g of fat, 51% of all daily fat

            Sorry about that - looked on the wrong line!


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              Yeah,but until you eat a sausage,egg,and cheese McGriddle with the syrup aleady in it,you have never had a taste of heaven.
              If you stare into the abyss long enough,sometimes it stares back.


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                Heaven is a sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle??? Sounds like a friggin bumper sticker!

                You're obviously a warped individual I like that in a person!


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                  BLEH! mcdonald's is terrible!! i don't eat at any fast food places where i can't see them make my food or have "secret sauce", just sounds disgusting

                  i hope everyone heard about the cop who got glass "accidentally" put in his cheeseburger and had to go to the hospital
                  We don't need no stinking badges!

                  If there ain't no waves, you ain't rowing!


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                    Hardies really is making a come back folks. Those burgers are awsome! Not to mention their currley fries. Plus they are open 24hrs. The commercials don't lie on this one.


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                      Yeah, well try living two doors down from a McDonalds, a subway three doors in the other direction, and then a Taco Bell practically in your back yard....I have to make myself fight the temptations. Used to be I wouldn't go if I didn't have any cash, but now they can take money off of our student accounts using our student IDs!!


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                        Fear not McDonalds freaks:

                        Maccas in NSW (and I guess in all OZ) now have a "healthy" menu. This features roast chicken salad, garden salad, vegetarian burger, yoghurt based sundaes and more!!. And they're all no less than 97 percent fat free!!
                        And, they are still half price whilst in uniform!

                        I was getting tired of quarter pounders anyway!!
                        Pain....nature's way of letting us know we're still alive!!!


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                          My fav here from the Maccas healthy range is - Smoked chicken salad, with Italian dressing and a Passionfruit and Kiwi smoothie...mmmmmmmmm... never though i'd ever go to maccas and not feel like such a fat *** afterwards...


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                            Once I started eating clean, and got away from McD's I would have it once a week or Wendys once a week as a cheat meal, and to me it tasted NASTY.

                            Still does...
                            Certified Personal Trainer


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                              Are you kidding me? McDonalds just plain sucks, you give them $5-6 for a "super sized" meal and they give you a hamburger you could eat 4-5 of, a gallon of soda and 10 @#$% pounds of french fries..... but then again if they were to give it to me half priced id me more inclined to eat there.

                              But id still rather pay 5 bucks and get some lunch special somewhere, prefereably chinese food asumming you're working daytime.
                              So point your fingers, point right at me. For I am shadows and will follow you, one and the same are we.


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