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  • achilles tendonitis

    Hello everyone,
    I was given a conditional offer of employment to my top choice department last week, and part of the last two days of final testing includes a second physical test. I knew this would be the case so I was training hard. I developed a three mile route around my neighborhood that was primarily uphill and have been doing it for months now. I recently began greatly increasing my speed. A few days before I got my conditional offer, I noticed a pain in my heel when I was running. A couple hours after the run I could barely walk. I rested it for a couple days and was able to walk fine later, however the pain never completely subsided. I went to a podiatrist and he said I have achilles tendonitis. He gave me a heel brace to wear and told me to rest it as needed. My run test will be on the 8th of August, and while I was able to run great last night, I was in alot more pain today.

    My question is what do you all recommend for my situation? Obviously I have to take that test in three weeks and pass it or I will not get the job. I am worried that if I stop running and rest it I will lose my cardio. I am not exactly built to be a runner. Anyone with experience with achilles tendonitis know good ways to treat it? Can anyone recommend good cross training activities to help me stay in shape for the test in three weeks? Thank you all for your advice and I appreciate all responses.

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    Just to add: I have completely stopped hill running and have been taking aleve twice daily. The running I have been doing since has been on the track at my university.


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      First I apologize for my english, but I´m not a doctor, only a german who has the same problem - for years now. It startet with pain in both achilles heels and in the end I wasn´t able to walk, too. I had to stop my running training completely years ago (for 4 years now I think) and I never was able to pick it up again.
      The problem my friend is, that an acute achilles tendonitis is very dangerous. If you don´t stop your running training completely, the achilles tendon can tear!
      Another problem is, that in the achilles tendon there is nearly no blood. Because of that it takes a very very long time to heel.
      I began to cycle, this training is very good to stay in shape and it is not that demanding for your achilles tendon. Don´t worry, you will be able to run on the test day. I think there is no other opportunity for you until your problem get chronic!

      To heel the tendon and to ease the pain a stretching training after the work out (or at any other time of the day) is good too. Ask your podiastrist, he should be able to explain this training to you. If not, I try to explain it:

      1.exercise: Place the ball of your foot on a book or somethin else. Then move your knee foreward until you feel tension in the achilles tendon. Hold it for a while and the release.

      2´nd exercise: Stand in front of a wall. Then let your body "fall" foreward and stablize your body with your hands on the wall. Step your leg backwards, put the foot completely on the ground. Now you have to give tension into the calf.

      These exercises helped me very well to get rid of the pain - but not of the problem.

      I hope, I could help- and your understand what I mean. Feel free to send me a pm if you have further questions.

      Good luck and get well soon


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        Hello there,

        I have had some problems with this over the last couple of months. I developed it after running up some hills to try and increase my fitness. A number of physiotherapy appointments later, I was diagnosed with tightness in my Quadratas Loborum, which is the muscles which run up either side of the spine. It is basically a posture problem.

        If the medical staff have said that it is AT, please have a look at the numerous stretches available and get cracking with them. The key part is to continue heating the achilles to try and move the pain away. That doesn't sound technical but that was the words of my physio. I know you have your fitness test but please do not come back to early until it feels 100%. I have had two failed attempts already which has resulted in setbacks.
        "Attitude breeds success"


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          Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it. If you've been running for several months, a 3 week break isn't going to significantly affect your run. In fact, your body may even benefit from the break. Stretch as much as you can and use ice to reduce the inflammation.

          8 count body builders and burpees are pretty good for cardio. It felt like i did a million 8 counts in boot camp.

          Congrats and good luck.


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