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    Well I've been lifting seriously for about 10 months now and recently I found myself at a stand still as far as bench press (around 240 for 1 rep max)

    Well, in just three weeks I have increased my 1 rep max to 270 pounds with the Smolov Jr bench press program.

    Here's the layout of the program:


    Mon- 6x6x70%
    Fri- 8x4x80%
    Sat- 10x3x85%

    Week 2

    Mon- 6x6x70% +10 lbs
    Wed-7x5x75% +10 lbs
    Fri- 8x4x80% +10 lbs
    Sat- 10x3x85% +10lbs

    Week 3

    Mon- 6x6x70% +15 lbs
    Wed-7x5x75% +15 lbs
    Fri- 8x4x80% +15 lbs
    Sat- 10x3x85% +15 lbs

    Week 1 you just do the percentages.
    Week 2 add 10 lbs to the percentages.
    Week 3 add an additional 5 lbs to week 2's weight (or 15 lbs to week 1's weight)

    The program doesn't mention this but in addition to doing this program I also did various cable tricep workouts, barbell curls, and farmers walks on the lifting days.

    Anyway, I've seen a lot of questions here from guys looking to gain strength/size and just thought this might be of some help. If you have any questions, give me a shout.
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    OH. I should also add that when you're doing this many reps it is extremely important to focus on form to prevent injury.
    Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand...


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      That might work for a short time but you are going to hurt doing that for long.

      <-------- Thirty-two years of heavy lifting, wrecked joints and arthritis.
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        I was planning on doing it maybe 3 times a year whenever I get to a stagnant point. Do you think that would result in long term joint damage and arthritis? I'm sincerely not trying to be condescending. I'm still relatively new to the lifting game, this just felt like a turbo-boost to my program in 3 weeks.
        Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand...


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          Smolov is a well known program but you will see gains doing ANYTHING for the first few years. Make sure your doing things right and cycle your lifts you are prioritizing every so often to avoid over use.

          By right I mean take video and make sure your form is good. You should not experience form break down at those oercentages. Staying in the 70/85% range is good for building a strength base and learning proper form for the first few years of lifting.


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