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Better at higher reps for % of max bench...


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  • Better at higher reps for % of max bench...

    I have noticed when I benchpress that I am much more efficient at higher repetitions when figuring my max benchpress on a bench press calculator as opposed to my "actual" max press.
    Thats kind of a mouthful...

    So for instance...My last set of the day is always a lower weight burn out set. The other day I did 245x15 times for my last set. On a bench calculator I found online that gave me an estimated max press of 361. My next workout I did 225X20 and probably could have done more with a spotter.... that on a bench calculator gave me an estimated max press of 363.

    I have been gaining big lately on my bench and wanted to see where I was actually at to start June. So here comes the pride "ball" buster. Today, fresh, I wanted to see what I could do. So I warmed up and got under the bench. I put on 365. Wow, liftoff was shaky, the weight went down and touched the chest, went up about an inch at best and I was stuck.... thank goodness for a strong spotter. I wasnt near benching 365.

    Now, before you flame me to hard I completely understand that your MAX bench is what you can actually put on a bar and do once. I would never brag about my "calculated bench"... thats lame...

    My question is this, what do you think this large discrepancy means about me exactly.... if anything? Do I have more sustaning muscle fiber as opposed to raw muscle power.... is their such a thing?
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    Seems like a little too much volume to me. You have plenty of strength. Your are moving a decent amount of weight for a lot of reps. Maybe take a few months and concentrate on doing lots of sets of 80-90% of your max for just a few reps each set. Mix it up a little ya know. Your already ahead of the game moving the total amount of weight you do in a workout.

    With the kind of weight your moving you should find your body adjusts to increased weights very quickly. I would imagine at first you may struggle to do 10-12 sets of 2 with 315-325. But with in a few months you will be doing 350-365 for the same. Then you reset and start the volume back up when you hit a wall.


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