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    The title says it all. Anyone here doing box sqats.

    I read about it years ago and just recently started. I guess I have been guilty of going more and more shallow as my weight climbs up. I had a reality check the first 2 times I did them. But they have climbed much more quickly than I imagined possible. I do mine at about 12 inches currently. I am due for a change in depth and I am dreading goind even further down soon. I do mine for 6-12 sets of 2. If I am going heavier I might do a few singles to finish up.

    I am hoping they pay big dividends on my dead lifts. I am stuck at about 400 on them and I really want to get up to about 500 or so. I have noticed my back feeling alot better since switching up, due to the weight differnce between box and conventional squats. My carry over is rigth at around 50-60 pounds for now...

    If you don't know what I am taliing about google it and find the Louie Simmons article, I wish I had gone ahead and tried it years ago when I first looked into it. I was just to lazy to make the box...

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    I did box squats for years when I was competing in powerlifting. I was generally following the Westside method, so once a weeek they were done with light weight for maximum bar speed, and they were in the rotation with other exercises for max and near-max singles for maximum effort training. They worked well. Box squats train proper form, strengthen the hips and hamstrings, and make you fast and explosive.
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      Great movement. As stated they are great for keepin form and depth in check. I typically go heavy following the 5/3/1 template, occasionally throwing the chains on.
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