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Most effective 45 minute workout?


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  • Most effective 45 minute workout?

    So i get 1 hour PAID workout time per shift at work, that includes changing twice and showering so all in all it works out to around 40-45 minutes.

    I usually just ran on the treadmill but recently i started doing that at home and since they have all the free weights and such i was thinking i'm gonna start lifting in that time period.

    Can you guys suggest some good lifting routines that will run about 40-45 minutes?

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    Crossfit. There are plenty of websites that offer free "workouts of the day" for crossfit. Here is a simple routine me and a buddy of mine came up with. Rest no more than 1- 2 minutes between each exercise if you can, keeping your heartrate elevated is the goal.

    Exercise 1 : Mankillers equipment needed: 2 dumbells, I use 25's but use whatever is comfortable for you.
    Set dumbells at 45degrees from center, start in push up position hands on dumbells; do push up one pushup and hold position
    While in pushup position lift left weight to chest, lower, repeat with right side.
    stand holding weights at sides.
    curl weights to chest, rotate 180 degress so fingers are facing out and shoulder press over head.
    bring weights down, rotate out and curl down to waist.
    drop to push up position and repeat
    complete 5

    Exercise 2: medicine ball Equipment needed medicine ball.

    Start in standing position, feet spread with ball at feet.
    squat and pick up ball, bring to chest and stand.
    press straight up throwing ball over head and catch birnging ball back to center of chest.
    raise ball over head, arms fully extended and slam ball to ground, catch.
    squat and place ball at feet, stand
    repeat 5x

    Exercise 3: Sledgehammer
    simple overhead hits on tire with sledgehammer

    Exercise 4: Pull ups or lat pull down
    Use medium weight, do 3 sets of 25 reps on lat pull down or as many pull ups as you can do up to 25 x3

    Exercise 5: Sprint (I do this entire workout outside)
    Sprint full speed 25 yards and retrun, sprint 50 yards and return, jog 25 and return, jog 50 and return
    repeat 2x

    Exercise 6: Box jumps
    Complete 15 box jumps

    Start over and repeat entire routine 3x. That should take between 30-45 minutes and you will be drenched, if it takes longer take out one exercise and rotate it in during the week. I do this 2x a week and hit the weights the other two workout days.

    I had my wife who never works out do this a few times, the first time she fell out after one complete set. By the fifth or sixth time she was keeping up with me pretty well, though she was using 5lb weights and a 2lb medicine ball.
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    Originally Posted by VegasMetro
    maybe it’s me but I think a six pack and midget porn makes for good times?????


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      Crossfit teaches TERRIBLE form.


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        45 minutes is plenty of time for an effective workout.
        You say that you want a "lifting" routine done in that amount of time. What exactly are your goals?


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          If your trying to bulk up do three sets of 4-6 as heavy as you can go and focuse on basic core lifts squats, bench, deadlifts, shoulder press. If your trying to cut go buy p90x and do the plyo dvd
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            Depends on what your goals are. 40 minutes of Tabata-interval 53lb kettlebell snatches is as effective of a cardio workout as running for that time. Plus you get the weight portion of it too.

            Lately, I've been doing a lot of interval bodyweight stuff (ring work, burpees, etc).


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              Originally posted by Dellde View Post
              Crossfit teaches TERRIBLE form.
              This is the second time that i have seen you "bash" crossfit. Just curious why you think its so bad. I mean everybody like something different, i get that. Just wondering why you say seem to think crossfit suck so much??


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                He's probably referring to the kipping pullups. However, the fact that some CF workouts assign regular dead hang pullups shows that kipping is just another technique, rather than a "cheat".

                I don't drink the CF Kool Aid, but they do have a lot of good workouts.
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