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How do you stay motivated?


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    Originally posted by towncop View Post
    I love Ross and the stuff he offers. However, I can NOT stay on his page very long. The black background on the webpage with his text just screws with my eyes too much.
    HAHA!!! Too True!!!!


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      Originally posted by FlyChicaga View Post
      A big thing for me was joining a CrossFit gym. It helps tremendously to have others there pushing you to reach your goals. When you're dying halfway through a tough WOD, having friends yell, "PUSH, you GOT THIS!" gives you that extra boost to dig deep. I know for a fact I wouldn't have made such great gains in my fitness level over the past month without that encouragement.

      I still go to my regular gym a couple times a week to lift, but I find it harder to truly push myself when I'm sitting there alone.
      This was a big one for me. I too tried gym after gym, working out with partners (that flake out eventually) or working out on my own, I would just get bored.

      CrossFit rocks- it's a different workout each day, and if you workout at an affiliate, the members work out not to increase their vanity, but to become stronger and fitter. It's not a dating place, it's a place to leave your sweat and blood. Workouts last roughly about 1 hour total (including warm ups and any pre-workout of the day exercises).

      Workouts are about your personal performance- you start out feeling out of shape for the first 6 months, then you become really proficient (but still get your butt kicked).

      My affiliate has 2 owners- one is a firefighter and the other is State Patrol. They are very LE/FF friendly, and give discounts for memberships.

      I personally have found I not only let myself down, but my CF partners as well if I don't show up.


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