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The POWER of your mind


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  • The POWER of your mind

    The power of our mind to directly impact our physiology has long been debated. It's (obviously) a tough area to do real objective research on vs the cosmic crap that gets passed around. The study of the brains ability to directly impact our physiology is growing by leaps as both technology and techniques have improved greatly.

    I think one of the most obvious places to look in terms of showing just how powerful the mind is, is when looking at the placebo effect.

    Most non scientists* think of the placebo effect as generally meaning a non effect. That is, nothing happened.

    That's not true at all. The placebo effect is a real effect, and measurable. It's only recently getting the attention is deserves as a legit effect showing just how powerful the mind is and it's direct impact on us.

    Researchers involved in clinical studies have known about it forever, and it's taught in every classroom as science 101, yet, only recently getting some real focus.

    Here's a vid that does an excellent, and entertaining, job of summarizing just how amazing and powerful the placebo effect is, which is a direct measurement of the brains ability to alter all manner of our physiology.

    I think the mental disconnect for most people is realizing it's generated by the mind, but don't realize it's a real effect, that is, has direct and "real" physiological changes take place.

    Some times, at just as high a % as the active compound it's being compared to, or to a lesser degree (which may or may not statistical significance but I'll leave it there as to not make eyes gloss over...) then the compound being tested.

    Not a dry boring vid, but really interesting and entertaining:

    * = and some scientists/medical types who should know better....
    - Will

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    My wife gave me that Placebo button to make me feel like I'm charge as well ... lol

    There is a lot of truth to that.. Good Post Will

    There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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      I'm familiar with this through social engineering and psychology. In most cases it's an object. But a placebo can be even something someone says. I know a guy who gave this one skinny kid pills. The pills were colored creatine. The guy told the kid the opposite. He told the kid that the pills were another form of steroids and that if he took them once per week, he would have to lift hard and heavy, eat really well, etc. The kid bought it and did as told thinking he was taking steroids and a year later had significant changes. In reality, the kid became bigger because he started eating really good and started lifting heavy.

      I'm just curious. Can you guys relate legal placebo's to law enforcement?
      Been chatting to a girl online. She's funny, sexy and flirty. Now she tells me she is an undercover cop! How cool is that at her age!?


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        Originally posted by jcioccke View Post
        My wife gave me that Placebo button to make me feel like I'm charge as well ... lol
        My wife gave me the placebo button too but it didn't work. I already know I'm not in charge... :P


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