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What's in your Gym Bag?


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  • What's in your Gym Bag?

    So I was cruising over at the BrinkZone, and found this video of Will's:

    I thought it would make a GREAT discussion for this thread.

    {PS: Hope you don't mind me linking one of your videos Will. To everyone else: I highly recommend the BrinkZone.}

    So I'm digging into my bag right now:

    Spare shirt, socks, and shorts.
    Lifting straps (though I rarely used them anymore)
    Heart-rate monitor
    Garmin 405
    Sweat towel
    iPod, arm strap and headphones
    Bottle of BCAA's
    Pre-workout drink
    Post-workout drink

    As a sideline, in my gym locker:

    Lifting shoes
    Shower & hygiene stuff
    Running shoes (with a Garmin foot pod for indoor running)
    Logbook and pen
    Head wrap

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    Will has the neatest coffee mugs LOL

    My Gym Bag (now I work out early before work and get dressed at home)

    Boxing Gloves (minute drills on the bag)
    Roller (for legs after run)
    Knee strap

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      Well if I ONLY went to a commercial gym, then these items would be in my bag (but since most of my workouts happen at home, this isnt necessary).

      Ironmind dip belt
      Gymboss timer
      Shaker bottle prepped with protein/etc
      Microsoft Zune
      Workout log

      Thats probably about it.

      Now I do have a bag for my JKD gym and this is what is in it

      Shockdoctor mouthguard
      Combat Sports International open palm mma gloves
      Kali sticks
      Buddy Lee jumprope
      Gymboss timer (yes, I have 2 of these)
      Change of clothes


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        -1 pair of shorts
        -1 kind of ratty looking t-shirt from the 2003 APF Ironman powerlifting meet
        -1 pair Converse Chuck Taylors (black)
        -Ironmind Capains of Crush grippers, #1-3
        -Ironmind neck harness
        -1 pair suede lifting straps
        -1 pair canvas lifting straps
        -Block of chalk in a ziplock bag
        -1 filthy hand towel
        -Wooden wrist roller
        -Ab rollout wheel
        -Sheet of instructions for physical therapy exercises used during recovery from recent knee surgery
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          KY Jelly
          Anal Beads
          pocket rocket
          latex gloves
          siberian hamster with long leash
          duct tape
          maraschino cherries
          whipped cream

          Wait, the question was, what's in Jim's bag..... wasn't it?
          Moooooooooooo, I'm a goat


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            Originally posted by jcioccke View Post
            Will has the neatest coffee mugs LOL
            I sort of collect them. Not intentionally, just sorta turned out that way
            - Will

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                I usually show up at the gym ready to go but what I bring with me:

                iPod Shuffle
                Tupperware full of chalk

                what else do you need?


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                  Small Pocket 1: Running gloves/gaitor, small plastic box with shower stuff

                  Small Pocket 2: Goggles, ear plug wax, ipod, watch

                  Front Pocket: Plastic bags for wet towel and swimsuit

                  Big pocket: Running Shoes, T-Shirt, sweatshirt, pants, socks, compression shorts, swim suit, towel
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                    Originally posted by Stanislav View Post
                    iPod Shuffle
                    Tupperware full of chalk

                    what else do you need?


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