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GOMAD "Diet" and 1 RM Bench


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  • GOMAD "Diet" and 1 RM Bench

    Is anyone here a hardgainer like me, who may have done the GOMAD (gallon of milk a day) "diet?"

    Right now, I'm a slightly 150 lbs at 5'10", and I'm looking to add on muscle mass to get my ideal weight of 170 lbs. I'm very active working out, doing CrossFit two-three times a week, Olympic Lifting, CrossFit MMA, and running. I also play hockey once or twice a week, although I've cut back on that just trying to avoid injury in case I get selected for academy this summer. I've noticed that I've cut fat and gained muscle mass (about 5-10 lbs), because I look much different after a month of doing CF. I've also made some big gains in my squat/deadlift/bench, but obviously not at the level I'd like just yet. Let's put it this way: A couple months ago I was squatting only 100 lbs. Now I'm up to 170 lbs. I hadn't done a squat ever in my life until I decided this is what I wanted to do, and I was going to give 110% of myself to achieve it.

    My biggest concern about all this is how fast I'll gain weight compared to the amount I can bench press, doing the GOMAD thing. Obviously the protein and vitamins in the milk will help me build healthy muscle, but I've heard reports of people gaining 20 lbs in a month! I have a fitness test coming up, and I'll need to bench press 98% of my body weight (1 RM max). I can do that now without too much effort at 150 lbs. However, if I gain 20 lbs in a month, without also keeping my bench gains at a similar rate, I'm going to be screwed.

    Should I cut back on the milk, and try to make some minimal gains in weight and just focus on weightlifting? Or should I keep up the milk, and assume it will only help me build healthy muscle that will help me make bigger gains on the bench than I normally would?

    All in all, I just want to get past the fitness test, so I can focus more on gaining muscle and mass to be more effective as a police officer. I'm looking at the fitness test as just another hurdle in the hiring process, whereas gaining weight and muscle will save my life.

    Any tips/advice would be appreciated.
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    In my opinion, as active as you are, I highly doubt that particular diet will add the 'bulk' you are looking for. GOMAD would ideally work with a mass/strength program with minimal cardio or HIIT. Also, if you did by chance gain 20lbs in one month, the vast majority of it would not be lean muscle tissue, however, with the added weight (fat, muscle, water) your strength on each lift should increase as well.
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      I suggest you PM WillBrink http://forums.officer.com/forums/mem...8131-WillBrink about this to alert him regarding your concerns.
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        I've been doing GOMAD, or pretty close to it, for most of the last 25 years or so. These days it's skim milk. Good stuff to drink, you can't go wrong with lots of milk.
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