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Mass Building Diet: What do you think?


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  • Mass Building Diet: What do you think?

    I'm planning on following a serious mass building diet for the entire month of April. My goal is to use these calories, in conjunction with my 4-5 day weight lifting routine, to pack on as much muscle as possible. I'm currently 6' tall and weigh approx. 220lbs, and my goal is to get up to around 250lbs and then start cutting. I'll see where I'm at by the end of April and determine whether or not to continue...
    What do you think?

    Daily Caloric Requirement
    5,390 calories

    Meals (5)
    5,390/5 = 242 grams or 1,078 calories per meal

    0.5(g) x 220(lbs) = 110(g) x 9(cal) = 990 calories
    110(g)/5 = 22 grams or 198 calories

    3(g) x 220(lbs) = 660(g) x 4(cal) = 2,640 calories
    660(g)/5 = 132 grams or 528 calories

    2(g) x 220(lbs) = 440(g) x 4(cal) = 1,760 calories
    440(g)/5 = 88 grams or 440 calories

    1210 grams or 5,390 calories

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    A month is not long enough, sorry.
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      30 pounds in one month is too quick. Well, I should say its too quick too pack on the good stuff. Last summer I went from 6'2" 185 to 205 and it took over two months. I was constantly taking creatine and eating protein shakes. Since then I have lost all that mass and am back to 185. But it mostly depends on the weight your body wants to be at.
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        Originally posted by JSD73 View Post
        A month is not long enough, sorry.
        Yep you have the right idea but like JSD73 says, you gotta keep on keepin on. Just whatever you do don't stop working out, or else you will just become fat. Just being blunt. lol
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          Thanks for the responses. I'm sorry, I should have clarified: My goal is to eventually get to 250lbs, but I don't expect to do it in just the one month. I'm going to see what kind of gains I get in that month and tweak the calories from there. I did something similar to this a few years back and got to 240 from 210 in about five months, but I wasn't eating nearly this many calories.


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