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    I loosely use the phrase Tabata Protocol to mean interval training with 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Typically, I do this while doing resistance work (kettlebells, bodyweight, etc.). However, it can be applied to any form of exercise. You can read more about the Tabata Protocol at Ross Training and interval training in general via Wikipedia.

    The beauty of the Tabata protocol is the efficiency of time. It makes for an excellent cardio workout, and if used while resistance training, a good muscular workout too.

    Here are several timers that can easily be used for 20:10 Tabata intervals (I'm sure there are others, but these are what I have used):
    1- the Gymboss: portable, but costs about $20; I have this and use it the most
    2- Speedbagforum.com timer: not portable, but free; I use this when I'm training in front of my computer, such as with parallettes or Akrowheels.
    3- the Gymboss for Iphone: portable and free, but must have an Ipod touch or Iphone; This one I haven't actually used, but downloaded it to my wife's Ipod touch in case I ever need to use it.
    4- recently, I discovered my Casio G-Shock watch is capable of doing 20:10 intervals. Here's how: set the countdown timer to auto-repeat at 30 seconds; start the countdown. Work when the alarm is NOT sounding, rest when it is sounding. The only downside to this is that it won't keep track of your workout intervals, though you can run the stopwatch and countdown simultaneously to keep track of total workout time.

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    I like to do tabata for something. I bought a gymboss awhile back. I'll probably start doing tabata sprints at some point.
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