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Help on increasing speed/decreasing time on distance runs...


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  • Help on increasing speed/decreasing time on distance runs...

    So I've gotten back into the exercising mode, after having been on a hiatus for several months. I've ran the last few days, and after three days, I am back to where I was before (5K). I am slow though... average time of roughly 10:30 to 11:00/mile.

    How can I increase my speed/decrease my time??

    I have a friend that runs marathons and ultras. She suggested running my distance runs on, say, M - W - F, and then doing sprints (4 x 600, or 8 x 400) on T - R.

    Will this help??

    I just thought that, after some time (a couple months) of running a lot, my time would naturally decrease.

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    There are MULTIPLE threads on this very topic here on this forum. Im sure if you do a quick search, you will find plenty of good advice for this question.


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