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  • Situps question

    Hey all I am looking for ideas on how to hold my feet so I can do situps at a good pace.
    I have tried the couch but it lifts up under the force. Thanks for the help
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    I use the iron gym because i have the same problem. Heres a link if you don't know what it is and its only $20 at walmart. http://www.getirongym.com


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      You can also find a foot-holding bar at most fitness stores for less than $15.00. They slip under a closed door.

      There's at least one in the weight room of the NH academy tactical center if you get over there to scope things out.

      I use a decline bench for most ab work - I suck at sit ups and always have - but the couch works for me and the under-door bar is a cheap way out, too.
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        I use a set of dumbbells, typically (75s).


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          or if your a real badass you dont need anyone to hold your feet down.

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            Do you have anything that you could weight the couch with? Heavy books, weights, a family member, or sand bags?
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