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  • LASIK Eye Surgery

    Has anyone had this done ?

    It's starting to become popular around my neck of the woods with several good friends telling me that they have had the surgery and love it.

    My vision started to go bad when I was about 15. I wore glasses for a year and then started using contacts.

    It would be nice to just get up and not have to mess with them.

    I know some even claim they can improve your vision to 20/15. But with my luck I'd be the one guy in a million where something goes wrong and I'm seeing spots for the rest of my life.

    So, any opinions ? Good or bad ?
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    I looked into this subject considerably and I have a number of friends who have had it done - all with very positive results.

    Basically, in the LASIK procedure they use a fine razor to cut open the cornea (surface) of your eye. It's opened up like a lid almost. Then a laser is used to removed excess tissue from the cornea - reshaping it so that light will focus properly onto your retina (back of the eye which is connected to the optic nerves).

    Not everyone corrects to 20/20 or better (roughly 80% do though, depending on who you talk to and how much correction is required).

    The largest problem that people have is with seeing "halos" or "starbursts" around bright lights at night. This is because most lasers can only treat a region up to about 7 mm wide. The average maximum pupil dilation is around 6 mm, but some people's go out to 8 or 9 mm. (Mine go out to 9.5 mm). If the pupil expands lager than the treated zone, uncorrected light will enter the eye and cause this effect.

    These days most surgeons won't perform the surgery if your pupils are larger than 8 mm.

    I would recommend Gimbel Eye Centres (http://www.gimbeleyecentre.com). They were really good to me, even though I didn't qualify for the surgery.

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      I had it done back in 1989. It's great. Unfortunately for me, I was also reaching the age I needed reading glasses and that doesn't help. But my wife and daughter both had it done too, no fuss, no muss and perfect vision.

      The only drawback was that our eyes were really sensitive to bright sun light for a few years and we needed good polarized sunglasses. But it beats the heck out of contact lenses and glasses.
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        I received the older form of laser surgery eye surgery, PRK, some years ago. It has worked out great for me - eyesight restored to 20/20 and no side-effects.

        I only hope it doesn't turn out like it does for Ned Flanders in the Simpsons: "I only wish I hadn't got that gosh darned laser eye surgery done. It works out great for ten years and then your eyeballs fall out."
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          My brother had RK surgery in the late 80's, and had to go back in for a few "adjustments" over the next couple of years.

          He does have to use reading glasses, and is still a little sensitive to bright light, but otherwise has great vision.

          Considering that he practically had to put his glasses on the get out of bed before, I'd say that's pretty good!
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            I had it done a few years ago(PRK).
            They told me that my vision was very bad to the point where they could not do it(go figure).
            They told me that LASIK would be a one time procedure where they could not promise me 20/20, byt insteard they recommened mt to PRK. I could have mulitple procedures(touch ups)and good pretty much gurantee 20/20.
            After the first surgery I could see 20/20 for about month. Then it went down hill. I developed "corneal haze". That clouds the cornea and the more you get the more the cornea contracts causing your vision to get worse.
            I was in the middle of FTO.
            The doc said rthat he has to wait at least 6 months out unitl he could do attempt a fix. I could not see crap. I could drive a car but I could not see plates until I was about 10 feet away from them. My vision became uncorrectable at 20/40(AK standards are 20/30uc).
            After hanging on two months light duty and watching all my classmates get cut loose(I was two days away!)I had a touch up.
            They scraped the haze off and did another PRK.
            Great I can see! That was until about 10 months later. The haze returned but not as bad. During that time my vision regressed to about 20/150. I had to buy a new set of specks about every month. Eye drops did not help.
            The haze did cause some vison questions to come up to me while I worked.
            I was scared to death since I was close to get off of probation and did not want to be put out over a medical issue(not to mention my sanity).
            Eye docs across the world found a 'liquid radiation" called MMC(mitomycin-C). They found that it gave full recoveries with people who had corneal haze. They were "washing" in on the eye directly after PRK and found it remarkable. Some complaiened that it was new and that it could cause "corneal melting" of the eye if the person puting it on was not trained right. Well my dic was. In my third procedure he put the solouton soaked sponges on my eyes for two minutes after rubbing the cornea off. I could see so much better after that. That was January. It was found that procedure cause my eyes to be 20/20. And they remained that way for two months. MBut alas things changed yet again and at this time my vision to at about 20/100 and slowly regressing along with a small amount of haze(not enough to cuase problmes,just enough to see it).
            Some days are great days others, well they're others.
            I was one of those people who could not get out of bed. Hell the alarm clock touched my forehaed when I needed to read it. My glasses where about 1/2 inch thick before PRK(-13).
            This is my experience. I was one out of the million. I see starburts and halos. I wich that was all. I also see "ghosting". I have learned to adjust and preform my duties well.
            Just somethings to think about, and how bad really is your vision?
            Check out this link for some info that I found very greatfull to have. There are complication simulators which show what you may see after the surgery.
            <a href="http://www.surgicaleyes.com/" target="_blank">Surgicaleyes</a>

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              Had it done in Dec. 2000. Vision was REAL bad before surgery, like coke bottle thick lenses!

              After surgery, could see pretty good, but Dr. did not try to correct the vision all at once for fear of making me far-sighted. I have had two enhancements on my left eye, and one on the right, and now they tell me I am seeing 20/20. Some days vision is SO sharp it is simply amazing. Some days is a little fuzzy.

              Do I regret having it done? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Best $3200.00 I have ever spent in my life. I had been wearing bi-focals for about 10 years before surgery, and I still have to wear reading glasses, but distance vision is good.

              If I had it all to do over again, I think I would choose another surgeon over the one that did mine. He runs people through like cattle going to slaughter, does about 80 surgeries per day, starting at 6am, and ending up at around 7:30pm.

              Check out your Dr. thoroughly, and if you think he is well qualified, I would not hesitate to have it done.
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                Quite a few officers here have had it done (all by the same doc), and all had very positive results. A couple had to go back for a corrective surgery, and some experienced halos at night, but not bad enough to truly impair their vision. I plan on doing it at some point.



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                  Wow, TG...I hope things get better for you however that may be. Thank goodness, you can still perform your job duties. I have always had concerns about this surgery but I could really use it. My vision is around 20/400 without my contacts in. I'm blind as a bat without 'em! lol
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                    My sister had it done, with great results and she's very happy.

                    I wear glasses, and i fear eye surgery just something i dont want to have done...elective surgery on my eyeballs <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" />

                    Plus, i actually dont mind glasses. i like going to pick them out, and get at least one new pair a year. especially now that Lens Crafters has 90-day same as cash
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                      My wife had lasik about 3 years ago. She had 20/400 before the surgery. She turned out to be one of 3% (claimed, maybe low) of people who have complications. Her eyes got very dry and painfull. They're better now but she still has to use drops and ointment often.

                      I would go to an opthamologist who DOES NOT do lasik. Get a thorough exam and ask if there's any reason that you shouldn't get the surgery.


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                        Both myself and my husband had this done. I let him be the guinea pig last year. He went from 20/400 uncorrected to 20/15. I don't think he was ever corrected to 20/20 with glasses...because he was absolutely estatic 2 hours after the surgery and ever since.

                        I had it done at the first of March. I was corrected to 20/20, but after the surgery it was only 20/50. I was furious!! $3590 for this???!!! As my eyes healed up though...it got increasing better. After 2 months, I was at 20/20+.

                        We both only experienced the halos/starbursts for the first month or two while healing. My only lingering affect that I am not completely satisfied with is a slight ghosting affect on far away objects. I may get the enhancement, or I may just live with it...haven't decided yet.

                        Neither of us regret having it done, and we both would do it again if we had it to do over again.

                        Crys B


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                          I had the procedure done about 2 years ago and it's great. I have not had any problems and I can see great. My test was the street signs and it worked great.


                          jt welch


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                            Had it done last year, went from 20/400 to 20/15...absolutely incredible change in my life. I wore glasses for approx. 20 years before LASIK, now I don't even know where my glasses are.

                            TWO TIPS:

                            1. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH: Make certain the doctor is using the latest and greatest technology, get referrals from previous customers and make sure you feel comfortable with who is doing the work!

                            2. When the doctor tells you to go home and take a nap, sleep for as long as you can!! I woke up after about 1 hour and I was ready to gouge my eyeballs out they burned so bad! However, if you keep them closed and sleep for about 4 hours, they will recover much better and won't hurt as bad when you do finally open them.

                            I do get some halos/starbursts at nighttime, but it doesn't affect my vision at all, just takes me a second to focus when I look directly into a light in the dark.


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                              I had LASIK done a year and a half to two years ago. I went from near blindness to better than perfect. I'm 20/15 in one eye and 20/18 in the other. This from a guy that had to get an alarm clock that had 4 inch numbers so I could see it without my glasses. Now I can see the time on the cable box across the room . I paid 1000.00 to have both eyes done. The only drawbacks were the halos but those get better during the first year and now I don't even notice them. also, my eyes are a bit dry when I wake up in the morning but after a few minutes the are ok. They updated the surgery here to address the dryness issue. My brother-in-law just had the surgery done by my same doctor and has no dryness. I was the first in my area to have it done and after me many coworkers/family/ ect have gotten it done. Heck-that doctor should be sending me money for all the referals.


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