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  • I'm Hungry

    No seriously, I'm hungry.

    My workout runs 6 days a week with my break day on Saturday. I do mixed running workouts intervals, long distance-slow, short distance-fast then the gym for a mix of heavy lifting and light lifting etc. I am 34 yo male, 6'2 245 -250. (depending on the day I weigh myself)

    I recently bought a bike and I am biking to work, track, then gym and home again for a total of about 15 miles combined.

    Lately I've been noticing I am getting a lot more hungry during the day. Mostly around 3:30 PM. I eat a good diet comprised for mostly lean protien, veggies, and limit my carbs to multi-grain and minimal complex carbs and sugar. I eat a typical morning noon, early evening routine. I've tried adding some light snacks like nuts or a protien bar but I keep getting hungry.

    My problem is this. I get nervous about eating more food, even healthy things because I've lost about 50 lbs and I don't want to gain more weight.

    Giving credit to Will Brink, I read his article on "It's all about timing" about when to eat and I am thinking that with the added biking, my metabolitic window is opening sooner and I am burning through more energy faster.

    I am looking for suggestions on controlling the hunger. Do I eat more? Do I break up my meals and eat the same amounts during different parts of the day?

    Any feedback would be great. If I was unclear on anything, let me know.
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    Yes eat more. That is the best way to control your hunger. After I do any strenuous exercise I try to at least get in a protein shake, which does a few things for me, it reduces my hunger, and it restores some of my energy that I used while exercising.

    If you are nervous about eating more food, due to a small caloric deficit work on your eating schedule so that one of your meals takes place soon after you finish exercising. I would try to eat 30 minutes to an hour after working out.
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      Eating more frequently is a good solution. Either 3 full meals and couple snacks, or 6 small meals. Good snacks are almonds, string cheese, protein shakes, and the like.

      As long as you're eating well and keeping calories under maintenance you should be a-ok.

      This will also help with weight loss because small frequent meals will give you a faster metabolism.


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        This is in no way, shape, or form a scientific observation but during my cycling season I am ALWAYS hungry. This never happens when I run or lift but only when I'm cycling. I wonder why...

        As others have mentioned, just eat smaller meals more frequently and make sure you're properly hydrated.
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