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Minor knee problem and squatting


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  • Minor knee problem and squatting

    Over the past month I began having problems with my knee. It was sore at the top of my knee cap and was tender to the touch. The pain would be intermittent, mostly after my squat days. Over the past few weeks the pain became persistent. It hurt to bend it, i.e. going up and down stairs, getting out of the car. I assumed it was tendinitis, and went to the doc last week. I had some x-rays taken, and was given a cortisone shot. During the process of giving the shot, the doc showed me on the screen that I had a bone spur on my knee cap. She thought that may be the culprit. The pain subsided, but I have yet to squat or do legs since. I go tomorrow for an ultrasound.

    I'm wondering if I should lay off squatting all together and substitute other leg exercises? When I did squat it wasn't like I was doing a major amount of weight. I would typically do 5x5 starting at 225 and work up to 265. Occasionally I would work up to 315 with 2-3 reps. I usually rounded out my leg work out with some hamstring curls, seated calve raises and leg presses with moderate weight. I would appreciate any thoughts...
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    In high school i had tendonitus (sp?) on my patella tendon in my knee. it sucked, and it sucked bad. Now i lost a bit of weight and its helped but i do mostly wall squats and body weight squats. It kicks your *** just as much, but obviously wont make you as strong.

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      I'm wondering if I should lay off squatting all together and substitute other leg exercises?
      Short answer Yes.

      What did the Dr recommend for treatment?
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        I would lay off all leg movements for ten days at least. Now, most likely you do other exercises during legs, therefore, you cannot necessarily pin it on squats. It is probably squats as you suspect, however, unless you get pain when you squat it may just be the fact that the knee has that bone spur and anything you do may affect it. Only way to find that out is trial and error. Go in ten days from now when it feels good and only do squats, then see how it feels. Lastly, not trying to offend you but is your form ok, make sure your knee's are not traveling past you toes in the bottom of the squat.


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          I would actually recommend continuing with quad exercises but cutting the weight down and building the muscles. Ask the doc first of course as I am just some guy on the net. Here's some reading as well.
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            If you have a spur it won't go away. They need to scope your knee and file down the spur. Don't get repeated cortisone shots for something that is easily fixed.
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              Thanks for the replies. As far as form goes, I believe mine is pretty solid. I have not had any pain since the shot. I went for an ultrasound today, and have a follow up in two weeks with the doctor. I declined the physical therapy...I haven't experienced any weakness. I did run yesterday without any problems. I may give it another weeks rest on the lifting.
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