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FML Help with diet plan?


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  • FML Help with diet plan?

    I've recently started lifting weights, and am trying to bulk up a bit since I'm a tall and lenky person. I work nightshift, 2300-0930 and I just can't seem to get my eating habits down right. As it stands I'm 6-3 at 226lbs.

    I seem to be eating soup right before work, maybe some fast food around 0400 then a PB&J an hour or so before bed. I know this is a horrible routine, I'm trying to break out of it! Any suggestions?

    EDIT: I'm also looking into adding some creatine mono hydrate into my plan, I just haven't went out and picked any up yet.
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    lots of fruits and vegetables with lean meats and 100% whole grain for carbs...need to fuel the body and keep it fueled. For snacking keep nuts around to help curve the fast food crave. Along with the creatine, pick up some whey protein. best of luck and stay strong


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      Thanks guys, right now I workout 3 days a week, with 1 day of rest in between. I'm pretty committed and have been on the same routine(mixing it up every 2 weeks) for about 3 months. I feel like I need to eat some at least every 4-5 hours when I'm awake now, should I supplement that by maybe eating that soup around 2100(when I wake up), then maybe throw a bowl of mixed fruit in around 0200. I'm not quite sure what to try to pick up during the 0400 lunch, since I have a hard time getting a hold of chicken, or other high protein food easily. I guess I'll need to start being more domestic and actually prepping it before hand. Any idea for the snack/tiny meal before bed at 1200?
      “The Blue Book says we've got to go out and it doesn't say a damn thing about having to come back.”

      -Captain Patrick Etheridge, U.S Life Saving Service


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        Originally posted by Whatsthe2ndDfor
        Solid advice from everyone above.

        I've used creatine before, and I recommend CE-2 Hi-Def.
        Regarding creatine, don't get too caught up in anything from the over priced 3 letter franchise.



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          You need to start making you food before you go to work. I make enough meals (10) for two days which equals about 3.5lbs of chicken, lean hamburger, or deer meat,"Hehe" 2lbs veggies (Between all ten), and 1/3 cup rice on each meal. I can tell you this on your current diet you will never gain anything but fat.


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