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Wing Chun?


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  • Wing Chun?

    Has anyone trained in Wing Chun? It is very direct which appeals to me. I have a little Arnis training and I know the two have been mixed. Has anyone applied WC on the street. My ASP training is Arnis based and great.


    John Runer

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    In case your like me and have absolutely no idea what wing chun is:




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      A family friend of mine is a Wing Chun expert. He's a short, overweight man, who I know for a fact could kill just about anyone he got close enough to with his bare hands.

      I've watched a few training sessions with him and his martial arts buddies, it's absolutely worth learning. He convinced me of the discipline's effectiveness when he had a person sit on a chair in the middle of the room holding a phone book in front of their chest. He then put his fist 1 or 2 inches away from the phone book. Next thing I know the guy is flung across a room to hit the wall 5 feet behind him.

      If you can find a good instructor go for it. The friend has taught me about a dozen moves and if I ever got into a situation where I had to defend myself unarmed or with a stick I would be very, very confident I could come out of that just fine.


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        I read it as wang chung. LOL Oops
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          Check out Kyokushin (and it's derivatives: Seido, Enshin, Ashihara, etc.). They are very practical.


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            i have a little, very little experience. in my old boxing gym, we had a few excellent practioners and they would hold a class now and then...i did a couple and practiced a few different trapping, stick, and knife offense/defense moves...

            it seemed to me, to be the kind of martial art that could get the student VERY hurt in an actual situation. a false sense of security against a guy w/ a knife is probably the best way to get stabbed.

            i think someone considered an 'expert' is one bad mother, not to be messed with......but a casual practioner might not really get to a usable level of experience for a long time.

            its a HELLUVA lot of fun though training


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              Ever heard of Wing Chun? I do not know like did anyone famous ever use it, like maybe Bruce Lee?
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