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  • Food question.

    I know this is likely the dumbest question asked in the health and fitness category but I swear I have the most difficult time figuring out the nutritional side of getting in shape.

    In any case, I cannot cook. I have tried to branch out and teach myself some things though and recently found this meal:

    Penne with Chicken and Asparagus

    I cook it on Sunday evening and it makes it enough for four lunches - Mon-Thur - which is great for me. I add a total of 5 chicken breasts, not just the 1 or 2 the recipe calls for, to up the protein content. I also use whole wheat pasta and add tomatoes.

    So, is this a decent meal? I hear pasta is bad because of the processed carbs but I figure since it's whole wheat, and eaten during lunch (I workout normally 3 hours afterward) it shouldn't be a big deal.

    I am asking this because I am really struggling trying to get rid of the last bit of fat around on my stomach. I know you cannot spot remove fat but I swear this last bit is driving me mad. Because I know it comes down to nutrition I figured I'd ask about this meal since I eat it so often.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Lose weight you might consider this...eat lots lean proteins, lots of veggies and fruits, lots of seeds/nuts, little starches, no processed sugar.


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      USDA web site

      Check this out:


      Navigating the USDA nutritional web site has helped me work out nutritional factors for various foods - especially when cooking with fresh ingredients or farm-purchased (the local farm stand is four houses down from me), there is no label showing calories, fiber, protein, carbs, or whatnot.

      Just a little something that might help in your journey. I am not a nutritionist and don't want to judge your food, as different diets are for different folks.

      Have you tried working through a nutritionist? Just a thought. Good luck!
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        Just remember, what do they feed pigs and cattle to fatten them up...grains. It'll do the same to you.


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          Originally posted by MCSD241 View Post
          Just remember, what do they feed pigs and cattle to fatten them up...grains. It'll do the same to you.
          That's a clever observation, but there's more going on at the farm. We also go out of our way to minimize the freedom of movement domesticated animals have. Less movement = less calories burned. So, they eat more, move less, and get fat. Just like people.

          The real key to long-term weight loss is calorie control.


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            i would reccomend cutting out ALL carbs w/ the exception of some simple carbs immediately post workout and a serving of whole grains w/in an hour post workout.


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