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protein and weight loss


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  • protein and weight loss

    Im on my way to losing 20lbs. I thinking about taking some protein shakes. Is the extra protein and bad miss with weight loss?

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    To crank up your metabolism, if you are running and lifting weights, the best diet is eating 5-6 small meals/day. Mostly protein, along with some slow-burning carbs to keep your energy up.

    Go like hell for six days a week, and on the seventh day, a day when you aren't working out or running, let yourself have ice cream or a couple of cookies, or a soda. By doing this, you aren't stressing yourself out, and you can stay in it for the long haul.

    Lean protein is good. (Tuna, chicken breasts, etc.) Protein shakes are good, providing they aren't loaded with lots of sugars. I personally like Muscle Milk.

    Also, LOTS of water.
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      miss = mix


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        Yes if they are used as a supplement to a healthy diet. If your performing resistance training than try to a small (25g) before lifting and a larger (50+g) post workout. Whey Protein is optimal post workout because it digests quicker thus feeding your muscles at their most vulnerable time. Also sleeping takes up about 1/3 of your day so make sure your utilize that time to get nutrition. Eating before bed isn't that bad for you if it's done properly. Try a Casein Protein shake, couple tbsp of peanut butter or cottage cheese prior to sleep.


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          Next to water the body is comprised mostly of protein structures. Bottom line, the muslce's are made of two compunds, water and amino acids structures, which come from eating protein. You goal while losing weight is to maintain muscle mass. Otherwise, you end up a smaller, weaker, self with close to the same BF...


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            WillBrink (a member here) is an expert on supplements and has written about protein and its benefits. You can google it, search these forums or whatever and find it. It was listed on his website as well- www.brinkzone.com (I think).


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