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crossfit vs. traditional workouts


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  • crossfit vs. traditional workouts

    Just started Crossfit and have been hearing many different opinions from different people. I know opinions are like A holes and everyone has one, but I'm going to be attending Rio Hondo Police Academy in Whittier (yes the one with the hills) come this February and I know its mostly about the running, especially the hills.

    Do any of you think doing two days a week of crossfit, running distance another day, than running hills a day would be good or should I 86 crossfit and just run 3 days per week, mixing in hill work and get in push ups, pull ups, sit ups, etc...

    Your input would be greatly appreciated...



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    crossfit will be perfect for will get one hell of an all around work out along with keggeeping up your cardio all at once..i also suggest going out for a jog at least 2 miles a week..

    im in pittsburgh city academy now.. and do crossfit workouts two days a week run at least 2 miles once a week. after class. along with the pt/dt we do during the week..

    running is def my weekest point and ive switched to nothing but crossfit and then some running..

    i use to be real big into power lifting...i got big real quick.but i like the results im seeing from crossfit alot better..


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      Once you get your Vo2 max and various muscular endurances up, you should start going for some high intensity power as well.

      At some point just figure out exactly what you want to train towards, for example going through an obstacle course, combatics, strongman lifts and carries, parkour, sprinting, bulking up so you're intimidating, etc...

      If you are the 1% of the population that is actually consistent then you'll need to start reading some of the leading books and articles. My favorite guy in the industry is Eric Cressey for non combatic fitness related information.

      If you are the other percentage, then just start posting your crossfit times or 1RM maxes etc.. and specific workouts to the detail in an internet log so we or others can keep you accountable.



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        Originally posted by OperatorEX
        I run a 10 minute 1.5mile on Crossfit alone. That might not sound fast to the elite but I am by no means a natural aroebic runner, in fact I hate running for distance.

        Now, I follow the 3/1 schedule. If I can't make it into the gym then I'll go for a run or do but I have a specific goal at chipping away at my running times which explains the run.

        That said, since you know hills are coming, you should work them in. You'd be fine following Crossfit 3/1, maybe throwing in a workout once or twice a week and hitting the hills now and then.

        However if you wanted to specialize just for the academy you could do that. However youd be good at pushups, situps and running hills and that's it.
        Thanks, I'm running twice a week right now at a pace of 10min per/m, and kicking it up by a quarter mile every two weeks. By the time the academy starts I should be at about 4 miles or so. We were told that we needed to run at least twice a week for forty minutes and get in at least 4 miles.... Do 50 pushups in two minutes, 50 situps in two minutes, 5 pullups (all min.). My upper body strength is good, just taking it slow to get my running in line.

        I was a sprinter in high school and in college, but the distance does get to me.. Its the pounding on my feet. I know it takes some time to get used to it, or to adjust.... just not sure how long. Right now I'm am doing crossfit at least twice a week, but some of those workouts do put some excess pressure on my back, especially some of those lifts..

        Anyhow, I'll look into the crossfitendurance. I know they say to get some sprinting in once a week and mix in some hills.

        again, thanks for the info.


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          In my academy we started out running 5 days a week and once we got to a certain level switched to doing met-con/cross-fit 2 or 3 times a week and running the other 2 days. We didn't start out at 3 miles we started at 1.5 miles (IIRC) followed by push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. Every week the pace and distance would gradually increase up to 3 miles. The quickest distance/pace they officially record is 3 miles in 25:30 min. There are a few of us that are able to run quicker and we usually go ahead of the group.

          Do you know if your academy does any other form of pt other than running?


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            I used to run alot, just putting in miles all the time. I had decent run times on any kind of PT test or whatever I was taking, but I felt I should be achieving a little higher in comparison to the effort I was putting in. This was also before I had a real dedicated workout routine. Just kind of go in the gym every couple of days and do this and that, drink a protein shake, call it day. I stayed consistent with the running though throughout.

            Then I learned about Crossfit and actually became serious about fitness and nutrition(probably the key to successful fitness development), this was also along the time I decided which major and career field I was going to pursue in college. After doing crossfit awhile, I started reading and incorporating it. I started mixing up my aerobic workouts between running, swimming(my favorite), and C2. This is when I noticed the greatest improvement in aerobic endurance and test times. After about 3 months, I think I dropped nearly 45 secs off my mile and a half, down to right at 9 min. I'm sub 9 now, never thought I would be there.

            No doubt I'm a crossfit junkie, but I think if you follow the two sites and AND a QUALITY nutrition plan, you will see results, results, results if you put in the effort and have the time to do it all.

            Aerobic gets you to the fight, anaerobic gets you through the fight.


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              I must be a total dumbass cause I've looked over the cross fit web site several times and for the life of me I can't find where the work outs are located. I see the description's of the workouts but I don't see where it tells you what you are supposed to do each day. Is there some place to sign up for the program or am I just an idiot?
              Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8


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                Originally posted by Brad519 View Post
                I must be a total dumbass cause I've looked over the cross fit web site several times and for the life of me I can't find where the work outs are located. I see the description's of the workouts but I don't see where it tells you what you are supposed to do each day. Is there some place to sign up for the program or am I just an idiot?
                It is not you! The website is not user friendly and is really busy and initially it is hard to navigate.

                If you log on now the center column under today's date is:
                Monday 091116


                For time:
                100 Pull-ups
                100 Push-ups
                100 Sit-ups
                100 Squats

                Post time to comments.

                On the left Column its says navigation where it lists FAQ and demos, etc...

                Check out the exercises and demos first to understand some of the exercises, but for today it is just the above.


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                  Angie sounds like a word I can't say on here...We did one that gradually got up to 100-150 situps after doing other stuff but 100 pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats is crazy! I'll have to do that next week.

                  Did one we call "Helen" today that was

                  3 rounds
                  400m run
                  21 kb swings
                  12 pull ups
                  for time


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           are excellent workouts if you can man up. I mix them in if I have a little extra time at the gym every once in awhile. Usually good for a strong weekend effort.

                    Angie was tough today, always is especially if you do each exercise consecutively as RX'd. Once I knock out the 100 pull ups I got it beat though, the rest is easy.


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