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  • Post Workout Nutrition

    From Jim Wendler over at Elite FTS:

    For most of my training "career", post workout nutrition was never discussed because the human body wasn't evolved enough to handle it. Remarkably, gains were made, muscles built and big weights lifted before the advent of post workout nutrition (never abbreviated heretofor as PWO). It was an awesome time.

    Now, almost two decades later the human organism has adapted to exercise to such a degree that post workout nutrition is now the only thing that matters. In fact, you have to eat during your workout too. I'm not even sure if you really workout anymore - just go to a restaurant (or a Smoothie King) and do pushups and burpees between bites.

    So do you qualify for post workout nutrition? Follow these simple rules to find out:

    1. If after a workout you can drink a post workout drink - YOU DON'T *****ING DESERVE IT! Throw it up! Give it to someone that needs it! You didn't work hard enough, fat boy.

    2. If after a workout you are so drained and nauseaus that you can't even bear to stomach a post work out drink, DRINK IT! YOU NEED IT! THROW IT UP IN THE BLENDER AND DRINK IT AGAIN! You qualified.

    So either way, you are going to puke it up. Thus no reason to drink it.
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    I love it! Awesome post...


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      I heaved the other day after adding weight to squats and dls, then chugging a PWO shake.

      I'm good to go!


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        FTW...I come home to a PBJ sandwich after hittin' the plates.


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          Moooooooooooo, I'm a goat


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            PBJ sandwich, and a protein shake is what I hit after the gym.


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              Originally posted by thecongo
              FTW...I come home to a PBJ sandwich after hittin' the plates.
              Originally posted by Compton Cowboy
              PBJ sandwich, and a protein shake is what I hit after the gym.
              Look up, the point of this thread is flying over your head.
              It was like that when I got here.


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