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    I am training for the uscp. I'm trying to lose 20-30lbs before i go to training. Im 5'9 220lb. I currently run 2 miles and lift for 30min everyother day. With my current work schedule, I own a landscape company, time and energy is somewhat limited. Heres a sample of my daily food intake ( cereal or eggs in the morning, fiber bar with banana for snack, chicken sandwich and apple for lunch, and dinner is whatever the wife makes with veggies). I drink over a gallon of water a day also. What else can I do? I am tired of eating the same crap everyday. Im also looking for some more energy during workouts, my legs seem to start to burn after awhile. I only take a multi vitamen,

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    Then stop brining the same thing. Unsalted nuts...pistachios, almonds, cashews....all make for good snacks. Bring protein shakes, there's a thousand things you can do for variety. You have the time to do other things, you can pre prepare some meals then.

    You want to lose weight ... yet you run the same mileage, do the same workout, eat the same thing every day.... losing weight involves burning more than you're taking in. I suggest you research HIIT training or some variation of crossfit to burn fat. Re examine your caloric intake, write it all down, even that beer you have when you come home from work... read articles by Alwyn Cosgrove, Dan John, and so on.... I'm sure others will add on, I'm tired......I'm hittin the sack.
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      Calories in need to be less than calories expended, ideally by about 500-1000 per day maximum. Track what you eat at a website like www.fitday.com (there are others out there as well) to get a sense of what you're really putting in your body. You don't need to do it forever, but doing it for at least a week or two will give you a sense of your real calorie intake. Many people, who think they're "eating like a bird", are surprised to find out what their real totals are.

      If you're at a true, reasonable calorie deficit over a course of days, you will lose weight and fat...unless you've got a thyroid problem. Keep up the lifting, running, and vitamin to preserve the muscle, and boost the metabolism.

      Bottom line, if you're not losing weight, it's usually because you're eating enough to support your current weight.


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        You must be the boss. When I worked landscaping/in a nursery I lost 20 lbs every summer from sweating.

        Also, like these guys said, change stuff up. The human body is made to adapt. If you're running 2 miles in 15 minutes every other day, the body gets comfortable with that. Change things up, that's where JSD's HIIT recommendation comes in.

        Calories in/Calories out is the other problem, and Az covered that with the fitday reference.

        I'm just here to x2 them.


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