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    Well, figured i havent posted on here in a while so i would drop by to post a update.
    In the 3 months that i have been working out i have lost 35 lbs, and i do 3 miles daily with a 5 mile on fridays. With a average of 9 min mile. Not too bad for a wide body, but with all this good news comes some bad. My academy class which is supposed to start this tues the 22nd of sept has been postponed untill 4 jan 2010. Reason is their were not enough cadets to start a class this soon. Which would not be too bad, but i have not seen my wife or kids in almost 4 months. So we shall see, and thank you to everyone on here who has given me their advice, either good or bad. thanks agian

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    Nice job on your progress! Just think about the kind of shape you'll be in when the academy starts. Are you able to go home between now and January?

    It's very difficult to be away from your family, but you'll get a job that you ENJOY GOING TO every day. I think that will benefit your family.


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      thanks item9, thats the one thing that keeps me going. and hopefully by the time that i leave for the academy i will be under 300...
      and i got to go see them a couple weeks ago for a week, but the crappy thing is i based my trip so that i could get back in time to start the academy, and the day i got back i got the call that it wasnt going to start till jan. if i would have known a few days before i would have stayed for a few more weeks.
      but thats how it goes so adapt and overcome right.
      and both my parents retired from the department after 35+ years, and i saw that they loved it every day when they left for work so....
      im excited


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