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    Just curious if anyone has seen the Gracie Combatives commercial and what they think of the program. Also, I have heard of the Gracie system for Law Enforcement but I have a difficult time paying $1000 for a one-week program. Does anyone know about the similarities between the combatives program and law enforcement program. Thanks.
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    Can't answer your particular question about the comparison between the two but go find any JJ guys and they can give you LEO ground training. You are just paying for the Gracie name.
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      What he said. Don't pay for a name, pay for good training.

      Are you experiences in martial arts? If not, avoid these crash courses, regardless of who is putting them on, at all cost.

      A 1 week course teaches you just enough to be dangerous...... to yourself. 1 week can't and won't teach you anything that you can put to practical use. It will just give you a false sense of confidence that will get you hurt the first time you try to use it on the street and the suspect doesn't comply like your partner in class did.

      Actually learning any skill takes a lot of time and practice. It's repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition. That's why officers who've never had anything other than basic defensive tactics in the academy or in a seminar look so bad when they try to put it to use.

      If you actually want to learn jiu-jitsu or any other type of defense training then take the time and go to dedicated courses weekly or more often. Do your research and find a place that is interested in teaching, not in pushing their system. And avoid places that promise certain belt rank in a certain time. Anyone can buy a black belt and give it to a student. Learning isn't about belts.


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        I have trained at probably 8 different Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools over the past years, I would suggest finding a good school and enrolling, you can get a good school and awesome training for probably around 60-100 bucks a month.

        Buy a BJJ GI(Uniform) ASAP if you start, but you dont have to have a GI to train they have NO-Gi classes which are very good also, I just prefer Gi training. A descent uniform you can get for approx $80 bucks (howard Combat kimono)

        Good Luck


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          Definitely would agree. Crash courses are not the idea. You could spend much $1000 and go for 4-6 months with open classes as well as private lessons each week for that much money, and you would progress much faster. I would definitely suggest Gi-classes for anyone looking for truly applicable law-enforcement use. Gi vs. No-Gi is highly debated between some of my friends at my BJJ gym, but at best we can only settle on "agree to disagree". Gi classes harness the ability to use your opponents clothing, jewelry, etc against him/her.

          Not sure where in Texas you are, but if you can find a decent MMA/BJJ gym I would highly suggest looking into them, many offer varied class times so you could fit it into your schedule. If no Jiu-Jitsu school is around, another good alternative is Judo. Just my $0.02. Good luck. Try to not get addicted.
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            Originally posted by Ncgreg
            If no Jiu-Jitsu school is around, another good alternative is Judo.



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              This might help for a school but google will be your friend on the search.

              Texas brazilian Jiu Jitsu federation


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                To the OP. Becarefull when choosing a school. Many mma schools are popping up and the instructors have very little training background and the students are just wannabe UFC fighters. Great places to get hurt and learn nothing, slightly fun if your already trained and like to work over new guys.
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