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    That's right, I want all of your help to develope a work out for myself. Currents stats: lost a lot of weight so I'm skinny. I have no problem running distance (2-4 miles is our normal PT) or holding my own during pushups/situp style routines. I want big, big muscles. Thats right, big ol' biceps, pecs, etc etc. I want my 3rd-world country looking stomach to be a 6 pack of guiness cans.

    So hook a brother up!

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    Here, build your own
    We don't "LOL" here. This isn't facebook or some text message between BFF's who are all OMG WTFJH and DYST? We type and speak as adults. Fix yourself.


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      Just some advise.

      You gotta eat BIG to get big.

      Lift heavy weights.

      Reps between 6-8

      Little bit longer rest periods..

      Throw in x- rep style training on occasion to shock your muscles.

      Remember, you GROW when you rest. NOT while at the gym.
      ie Dont over train.
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        Read up on Bill Starr's 5x5 then build your own routine based on your needs. Dont like that one...go read up on the thousands of routines out can find many at

        Wendler's 5 3 1, Korte's 3x3, DeFranco's routines, Escalating Density Training....and the list goes on.
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          JSD is right. There are people who have been in the weight lifting and exercise field for 50 years. They live for working out. Pay $20 for some books written by these guys and follow them strictly. They know what they're talking about.

          One of the most important things I can stress is that you don't get huge biceps and a six pack from just preacher curls and situps. Do full body workouts with squats, bench, deadlifts, pullups, etc. When i started deadlifting my biceps got much bigger than when I was naively doing preacher curls, iso curls, cable curls, etc. in all my workouts.


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