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  • yeah...im still contemplating it. I have a few crossfit gurus at my department, so Im contemplating that too. If I do go with the insanity, (you wanna sell yours now that youre done?), I will advise and post before and after pics, with my face blocked out of course, as I cannot reveal my true identity.
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    • Just ordered mine Wish me luck! lol


      • Originally posted by Chiller View Post
        no weights or anything.....its all cardio,etc.... It's not easy by any means. Ive never done P90x myself.

        I will retake my measurements in 2 weeks when I'm done. I haven't lost any weight which I'm fine with but Ive definately toned up from head to toe and I almost actually have full abs now...ha
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        • I just finished my second Insanity workout. Wow it is a real butt kicker. I've struggled to lose the 50 lbs I need to for several years. I've religiously gone to the gym and done cardio such as the elliptical and some circuit training for the last couple of years. I had great results initally, but was not accomplishing much so I decided to try this. A good friend of mine who was really out of shape and hadn't done much for the last 10 years went through the program and lost 60 lbs. He looks like a completely different person so I'm excited to get through this. It's tough though I have a feeling I will be very sore for the next couple of weeks.
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          • This is my first week on insanity. I tried to do two workouts back to back to catch up on a day that i am behind....HA! NEVER again will I try that! Just finished pure cardio and felt like dying. Made me feel better tho that the other ppl, even Shaun T, dropped to the ground a few times for a break. I'd been taking a few breaks and feeling like I was failing the program but it did help reality to kick in and remind me it was only the first time doing these workouts and even the other people in the video had to take breaks.

            I feel great after a shower and protin drink but durning I just keep asking myself "Why did I get myself into this!?!" def. a love hate relationship lol


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