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World Police and Fire Games. 51yo sets 3 world records.


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  • World Police and Fire Games. 51yo sets 3 world records.

    I know these aren't true "world" records and are just records for the World Police and Fire Games but I think it's amazing none the less. I thought you guys would like to see this. It's motivating to know a guy that age can embarrass me in the gym. It gives me even more reason to work harder.

    FAIRFAX, Va. -- A Fairfax County sheriff's deputy shattered bench-pressing world records at the World Police & Fire Games in British Columbia.
    First, Master Deputy Sheriff James K. Pope bench pressed 418 pounds to break an existing record of 352 pounds. He did that on Aug. 5.

    Three days later, the sheriff's department says Pope, 51, won his second gold medal in the push/pull contest by bench pressing 423.5 pounds and dead lifting 705 pounds for a combined total weight of 1,127.5 pounds. The sheriff's department says all three were world records for Pope's age and weight class.

    Pope competed in the 50-54 super heavyweight category of people weighing more than 275 pounds.

    "I'm looking forward to competing again in 2011," says Pope who also went to the games in 2007.

    "We are very proud of Jim and his accomplishments," said Sheriff Stan Barry, in a news release. "His athletic excellence epitomizes the spirit of the games."

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    Good for him. Doesn't look like he is over 275 pounds and he certainly doesn't look 51 either!


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      Wow, that's impressive! I'm trying to get over 1,000 lbs if you include the squats into the equation also, I can't imagine doing it on 2 lifts.


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        WOW, very impressive. One question how is it possible to bench 423.5 how do you get the weights to do that??? Either way that is awsome!!


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          Originally posted by deke11 View Post
          WOW, very impressive. One question how is it possible to bench 423.5 how do you get the weights to do that??? Either way that is awsome!!
          How do you get the weights? Or are you asking how do you get the ability to lift that much?

          If you mean how do you get the weights, as in how do you buy them, any sporting goods store carries them for around $1/lbs. Or almost any gym has them for use by members.

          As far as getting the ability to lift that much, it's a lot of hard work. You start at the bottom and bust your rear end until you're strong. If you start by maxing out at 150lbs, you do workouts based on that amount. An example would be you do workouts with 75% of your max for 2 weeks, 85% for 2 weeks, 95% for 2 weeks, and then when you max again your max should have gone up. Then if you can max 175lbs, you start again with 75/85/95% of 175. And continue. There are a lot of different workout plans, some work better for others, you find the one that works for you and keep it up for years.


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            SOI, I know they buy them an I know it is some good about of time put in the gym. I guess I had a brain fart when it came to the 1lb weight. I just thought that 423.5 was an odd number.


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              Often times the weights are in kilograms so 1lb = .05 kg's 2.2kg's=4.8lbs. Also, there little magnetic weights called platemates and they can be used to add small increments....but I don't believe they use them in competitive lifting.
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                Well that explains it then


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                  192.5 kilos. The magnetic plates aren't used in competition, but plates are made that go down to 1/2 kilo (1.1 pounds).
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