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  • Preparing for BELT

    I am wanting to prepare myself for BLET which I hope to start in January. Can you recommend a good workout routine.

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    I'm sure you have heard of crossfit.com. great workouts very hard. I also do the daily workout from monkey bar gym. Check them out. i used to think i had to run alot of miles to get wind. Both of these workouts will make you feell like you chased someone, then fought them. Good luck Geo
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      Originally posted by ashwinder View Post
      I am wanting to prepare myself for BLET which I hope to start in January. Can you recommend a good workout routine.
      where are you going to BLET at? i went through BLET at Forsyth Tech Community College (a long time ago) had a blast! best i remember we started out running about 2 miles or so and by the end of class we were running around 4 three times a week.

      i would concentrate on pushups, crunches/situps and distance running. if you can't run continuous for several minutes (20 to 30), then start out with a walk/run program. walk for a few minutes to warm up then alternate walking and running. if your in really bad shape start with 2 minutes walking then 2 minutes running then repeat. as you can, increase your run time and keep your walk time the same. you'll be able to decrease your walk time and eventually do continuous running.

      if the state requirement is still the same, they will time you running a mile and a half.

      its very smart to go into BLET in good shape, that will probably put you ahead of alot of the class.


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        depends where you go. We are VERY PT oriented at Coastal Plain in Wilson. We PT very hard 4 days a week, and have more strict requirements as far as POPAT and Mile/half go. I suggest doing Pushups (with full extension of arms, and with your chin touching the top of a coffee cup when you come down), situps where your arms come up above your knees, and running as much and as fast as you can. Our class is pretty good, and we all agree - if we make it through PT in the morning its all down hill. We all have great grades in the 90's so just work hard at the PT... the school stuff will come to you.
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