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Plantar fasciitis


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  • Plantar fasciitis

    Hey all,

    Anyone here have issues with plantar fasciitis? I've tried ice/stretching and new shoes. I have the Brooks Addiction 7 right now, but I think I need to try something else. I want to become a runner, if possible. This is really frustrating.

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    Have you been to a podiatrist? Specialized physical therapy helped me.
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      Plantar's Faciitis

      I have PF, I found I had it while in the Marine Corps, I could barely walk some days, the brilliant military doctors thought that I had broken feet, Mine oreally only kicks in if I run for over 4 miles or so, Now I usually only run for about 2 miles max. While I was in the Academy I had a really bad flare up, I wne to my doctor and my options were taking an anti-inflammatory pill or getting a painful shot of cortisone that might work. I opted for the anti-inflammatory, I was prescribed Naproxen and I do not have any problems, I can't wear sandals for long periods due to no arch support, The best shoes I found for running are the New Balance grey shoes (the expensive ones) i got them for about $115.00 2 years ago and they are still kicking strong despite many miles on them. You can get special insoles made but they are expensicve and not usually covered by insurance. despite my PF I was the fastest in my academy class thanks in large part to taking Naproxen a half hour before PT. Good luck, I know its painful.


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        I had it.

        It's not something that gets cured in a week, like the flu or a cold. It took a couple months for me to work though it.

        Stretch. Stretch. Stretch some more. Then stretch again. Consider looking into socks or a splint that keeps you in a stretched position at night too.

        Did you pick the Brooks shoe on your own? Or did you go to a reputable store and have your gait and stride analyzed and go with their recommendation?


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          I also struggled with PF. I first tried to just deal with it which only made it worse. I went to podiatrist, prescribed naproxen for i think 30 days, and it helped but didnt completely rid of it. Then i went to my chiropractor who is also a track coach and he gave me some pamphlets for foot drills, and stretching and also got fitted with custom orthotics?? Were not covered by insurance so cost me 200$ but was the best 200 I ever spent. Went to a running store got my running stride evaluated and got fitted with right shoes, month on the naproxen and the orthotics, and not only is the PF gone but now I have absolutely no back pain when running.......there are many different ways to stretch it, one that worked the best for me was to stand on a dish towel and with my toes at the end of the towel, try to curl the towel with your toes under your foot until your able to get the entire towel to bunch up under your foot. This worked great for me especially right when I woke up..Good luck.
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            Time to stay of those feet and ice up. If you are running on the street, or concrete you must stop. The pounding is not good for your PF. Try finding a soft track at a college or high school.

            I use to run on the street and my pf became very bed. I rested for about 2 months ang changed my whole running game onto a soft track at my local high school. Also cut back on your running in half, at the moment you are overdueing it.


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              I have it, mostly in my right foot. It has gotten better since I started using a heel pad I bought at Wal-Mart for about $6. You might at least try that instead of the more expensive options.

              I think part of it for me is weight-related, so I'm hoping it gets even better as I continue losing weight.

              Another simple thing is to check your running shoes. If you grab them by the heel and press the toe onto a hard surface, they should bend at the top part of the toe ONLY. If they completely collapse (bend anywhere near the middle- near the arch), they are not good and need to be replaced, because they are not supporting your arch and the arch is pronating (collapsing, so to speak).

              That's my understanding anyway.
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                I got relief from stretching and orthotics. Don't waste your time with off-the-shelf insoles. Take your feet to a professional. I went to Hanger.


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                  The Graston Technique

                  Looks weird but it really works!
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                    I suffered with PF in the spring of 2004 and it cost me my job with the Indiana State Police. Anyway, I got it because of weight gain back then. Trust me DO NOT TRY TO TREAT THIS YOURSELF. I did and it backfired on me. I saw the podiatrist for about three months, got those expensive orthotics (best $$ ever spent) and have had no problems since '04.

                    My podiatrist told me that if you're an active person, and especially if you have been diagnosed with PF, you should be replacing your shoes EVERY SIX MONTHS - PERIOD. I now do this. I have a pair of shoes for running, everyday use (casual), and I even have my employer replace my work boots (had to have a dr.'s note for that one and talk about ****ed off!). Good luck to you.
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                      I also had a serious case of it a few years ago, and saw a Podiatrist. It took quite a while to be "cured," and returned once since then.

                      I got it from standing all day on cement floors with inadequate amount of padding in the soles of my shoes. The pain was incredible.

                      My treatments included a wrap for daytime, a wrap for nite-time, a sonic-type treatment at the doctor's office, prescription meds, and eventually shots. It can be a very serious condition.


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                        Holy cow, I never knew what PF was until about a week ago. My left heel was rather sore but I, being a dummy, decided to run through it. My mornings now are nothing but pain getting out of bed. It feels like a knife is working its way into my heel. Weird thing is that it hurts much less while running than it does after sitting or standing awhile. I've been running for years (20-30 miles per week) but only recently had this problem.

                        Glad I checked on here for some advice as sounds like stretching more may help, along with some ibuprofen. Hoping I can work through this quickly as I'm training for the 500 Mini-Marathon again this year. Any other advice on getting through this is appreciated.
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                          Expensive arch supports worked for me... I thought they were expensive until about a month later I had no more pain and haven't since then. I still wear the insoles on occasion. At first they feel like you have a golf ball under your foot, but you get use to them and then, finally, you can't even tell they're there. They also helped a nagging pain in my lower back.
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