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Broken toe...


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  • Broken toe...

    So...I broke my little toe on Sunday and jacked up me being able to run...great.

    So I decided to give it 72 hours and then go to the club and see if any other piece of equipment would work so I dont fall out of training.

    Just freakin figures...its "buddy taped" but man does it sting when I try to move on it. I am currently on week 4 of the couch to 5k program and I am afraid that if I dont do something, I will lose my momentum.

    Help...I was planning on applying in October, and not I cant even run for any PAT.


    I swear (and just did) that this last year has SUCKED for injuries at my house. I need to get a Shaman, a Monk, and a few door to door bible peeps to rid this damn black cloud that seems to be testing my resolve and our bodies here!

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    I wonder how long it takes for a toe to heal... I have no idea.

    best of luck to ya...

    I know when I split my big toenail in half, it was really painful for a long time. Now it's not painful anymore, just split in two, and i'm incredibly cognizant of anything that comes anywhere near it.

    Just be careful with it, don't smash it into anything else, and unfortunately, the best thing to do is probably not to push it. You don't want to worsen the injury because it will set you back even further.


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      About a year ago we had a brief power outage and our refrigerator(only 2years old at the time) never came back up on line, so as im messing with the temp settings and such I became frustrated and decided to kick the frig.. In theory it was a good stress reliever however forgoing all my dt's i delivered strong front kick and lead with my toes, and couldnt figure out why my foot was still hurting 2 hrs later...However once i removed my shoe, sock, and saw that my toe was completely purple i made a trip to the doc and it was confirmed. Given some good pain med(man was it good) and just iced it...was able to walk within a day and half but with a limp...Rest it, ice it, give it time and you'll be fine..moral of the story....

      Dont buy samsung refrigerators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(in all fairness it did have water, ice through door, beverage door, separate cooling bins, and was high gloss black and fancy looking)
      Im pretty much amazing. Just ask anyone about me, im kinda a big deal. I have many leather bound books and my house smells rich of mahogany.


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        Good luck with everything and hope you get better soon!


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          Originally posted by shadow_otw View Post
          So...I broke my little toe on Sunday and jacked up me being able to run...great.

          Ouch, tough break ... Sorry couldn't resist.

          Stay away from the running for a bit more. You may have to be out from actually running from 4-6 weeks. There are plenty of things you can do to help maintain your level of fitness.

          Hit the elliptical machine and staionary bile hard and when you work out for starters.


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            Thanks all... I truly appreciate the notes and help...and allowing me to vent!



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