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Over 30 crowd: Your Best 1.5 Mile Time


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  • Over 30 crowd: Your Best 1.5 Mile Time

    The other thread got me to thinking about those of us who are over 30, what are some of your 1.5 mile times? Please, you youngin's need not respond, we know you're fast! Anyway, how 'bout it old timers, how fast are ya?
    Why are there so many babies on O.com? Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

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    My run time sucks. The last time I ran a mile and half (one year ago) I was right at about 14 1/2 minutes. That was without stretching and had not really ran in about two years before running that time. I'll be 34 in a few months.
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      are you calling me old??? 33 yrs

      In the 15 minute range. We are required to pass PT twice a year. 8 years of doing it now and my time hasn't really changed.

      A HUGE factor for me is my asthma/allergies and if the friggen guy is mowing the grass around the track when I run. Very few things will stop me quicker than fresh cut grass blowing in my face. If I really push it I can shave 30 seconds or so off, but I end up hackin and coughing the rest of the day which gets really annoying.....so I don't push it.

      I use to be kinda competative about our whole PT test because there are small monetary awards if your yearly total score was high enough. Took me awhile to realize that even though I scored in the 95% or higher in vertical jump, pushups, and 300m sprint, my 70% score on situps and 20% score on the 1 1/2 mile run always dropped me below the incentive money......So I just don't give a damn anymore, do the minimums and go home.

      Seeing how I'm always hiking around in the woods and wrestling with dead moose and elk frequently, it's not like I don't get out of my truck and do things.
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        Originally posted by towncop View Post
        The other thread got me to thinking about those of us who are over 30, what are some of your 1.5 mile times? Please, you youngin's need not respond, we know you're fast! Anyway, how 'bout it old timers, how fast are ya?

        WALKING OR DRIVING???????????????
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          Originally posted by grumpyirishman View Post
          WALKING OR DRIVING???????????????

          Now THATS funny!

          I am 48, I do Aikido three times per week, and just started the Couch to 5k running program in an effort to be really ready for the Academy. I refuse to apply till I can run at least a mile and a half...so unfortunately, I cant answer...yet, but I am excited that on day one of the fourth week of the C2-5K program, I ran 5 min straight...twice, and sped up mu pace from week three.

          It may not seem much of an accomplishment to some, but understand that till now, just doing a min and a half was tough!

          I know..I suck!, but I am really working on it HARD.


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            Have done 2 physical agility tests with Phoenix. 1.5 mile times are 10:53 and 11:08, respectively. I hope to get it back down under 11 for the next one, but the weather is going to be much warmer than the last two tests!

            Oh yeah, I am 30 and 7 months, hehe.


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              Will be 44 in a couple days. Did my 1.5 in 10:45a couple months ago and last year did my ILEA exit in 11:07
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                You guys are inspirational... I am 29... and I plan on living in better shape in my 30's than I was most of my 20's....
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                  33 yr old
                  best 2 mile was 14:33

                  I would much rather do 1.5 miles! I would probably do it at/under 11 min.


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                    Got 11:20 for my cert., needed 12:51, very happy day that was.


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                      38 YOA

                      1.5 mi time is in the 10:40s
                      2 mi is around 16:00
                      4 mi hovers around 34:00
                      5 mi is usually anywhere between 42:30 and 44:50 depending on the heat and a variety of other crap that day. You guys know how it is.
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                        In ten days I will be 35. I imagine I could run the mile and a half in say....about two days.

                        The best I ever did it was when I was 23, in the academy, and did it in 13:38 and that damn near killed me.

                        Considering a foot pursuit a couple weeks ago that I was smoked in......yeah, two days sounds about right.
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                          I just turned 30. I did it tonight in just about 14:30. I'm training for my first 5k, so I was pacing myself for a longer run tonight. If I knew I was going to do 1.5 and stop, I probably could have done it in about a minute less.

                          I did 3.7 miles tonight in 42 minutes. I cramped up something fierce at about 3 miles it completely hosed my time. I was holding pretty good at a 10min pace.

                          And according to the doc, I'm still about 60 pounds overweight. It'll only get better as I drop the weight. And mind you, I only started running with any regularity about two months ago.


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                            around 10:45-11 if i'm feeling right..

                            ran a 10 mile race last year at a 9:40 mile pace...

                            run it again in 2 weeks so will post how I do but i dont think it will be that good
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                              36 yr young at 208Ibs...

                              At 24 I ran a 10:52 2 miler in Army at 172Ibs...

                              I typically run in the mid 9mins. I have an annual PT test in 6 weeks and I will post my time.

                              I would love to break 9 mins and I should with all the running I do but I haven't figured out the 1.5 miler. I do more distance running and the 1.5 miler is a lot more anaerobic than the distances I run. I need to add more sprints and intervals...

                              A couple of yrs ago in the academy a guy from my station at 35 ran an 8:36 while still benching 365Ibs... freak!


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