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  • Scoliosis?

    How many of you suffer day to day with scoliosis? I suffer from a small degree however I am in constant pain on my left side....Chiropractor only helps for a few days....any tips like good back braces?

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    I have very minor scoliosis, it's not enough to cause me discomfort or pain, but is noticeable if I bend over. You may want to have a doctor look at it, because if it is bad enough there are braces and such that can help.

    I have also been told that doing workouts that strengthen the back can help, but if it's causing you pain you may want to be careful. I do a lot of dead lifts and back extensions, which may keep mine from causing pain and discomfort.

    All in all...you may want to just seek advice from a doctor or the chiropractor before trying anything. They get paid the big bucks to tell you about this stuff.


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      I have a severe scoliosis.
      Keep you abs in shape. Crunches, leg lifts etc...
      Make sure you control your weight.
      I suffer from pain every day. You learn to live with it.


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        I had 7 degree scoliosis - I now have .5 degree with lots of years of chiro visits.

        I have to regularly keep my core strong or I risk tiring my back out with normal routine and having my back "go out". Lots of stretching (every morning when I wake up) and I am very conscience of how I get up from the couch, lazy boy, or bed when my muscles are cold in the AM.

        The more I work out - the less it hurts.


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          I have very mild scoliosis. I've found that doing Pilates and Yoga help immensely with back, shoulder, and hip issues. One of my Pilates instructors is a professional ballet dancer...she got into Pilates to help combat her scoliosis and now has her own Pilates studio. It's helped her a ton.

          Quite honestly, I think treatments like chiropractic and braces treat the symptoms more than the problems (not that I disapprove of either, in fact I am a big fan of chiropractic). Until/unless you retrain the muscles, and learn to move and comport yourself differently, you're going to continually suffer the same symptoms.


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