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Night Sights for a G23


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  • Night Sights for a G23

    I'm looking for a good set of night sights. What do you recommend?

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    I like the Tru-Glo TFOs day glow rods and tritium.


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      Hard to beat Trijicons. In my humble opinion.
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        I like Trijicon, Heine makes some nice night sights. XS makes some good ones too.
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          Originally posted by David Hineline View Post
          I like the Tru-Glo TFOs day glow rods and tritium.

          Just as bright as any other night sight but stand out better during the day.


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            I prefer Meprolights, they are IMO slightly brighter than Trijicon and are what Glock use for their factory fitted NS.

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              Best sights for any type of shooting.
              HEX-SITE out of Sedona, Arizona has the best item in firearm sighting systems any place. People I personally know have said that shooting scores increase dramticlly, day or night with these sights.
              I put a pair on my Glock 22 and are they great. I now thinking of installing some on other firearms.
              Contact Tim at [email protected] Beleive me, you won't be a bit sorry.
              Whole departments are switching to them. Read the testimony on their web site.

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                And that website would be.........

                Here: HEX-SITE

                I would have to try them before I poo-poo on them, but I generally don't like "ghost ring" sights on pistols. It's a moot point for me because it won't fit in my duty holster (and I just paid $150 for that sucker).


                I currently use Trijicon's and Ameriglo's. I favor Ameriglo because of the white ring they use. It stands out better than the Trijicon's. Both are steel and extremely durable. I have been meaning to try the TFO's but just havent gotten the chance.
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                  Here's another vote for Trijicon.


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                    Meprolights have worked swell for me.
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                      In no particular order:

                      Novak (uses Trijicon vials)
                      Tru-Glo TFOs (I've heard the light tubes break, but mine have worked fine.)
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                        I've used Trijicons, Meprolights, Heinie Straight 8's and plan on ordering a set of XS 24/7 night sights. The Meprolights do seem to be a bit brighter than the Trijicons, but the Trijicons aren't bad. The Straight 8 sights are easy to pick up, much easier to me that the horizontal sight picture found with the Trijicon or Meprolight sights. I guess it all boils down to personal preference.

                        Good luck and stay safe.


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                          I have both Meprolights and Trijicons. I like the Mepros the best because they are sealed up the best. The Trijicons have gotten dirty over time and its nearly impossible to clean them out.
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                            I have Trijicons and Mepros. I'm partial to trijicon though I can't really think of a good reason why.

                            EDIT: I could have this backwards or completely wrong. (I'm on vacation and can't check. And if I'm wrong I'm sure I'll be yelled at and quickly corrected.) I want to say that the front sight for glocks from Mepro is crimped on where as Trijicon's is screwed on. If you plan on installing the Mepros yourself you'd need the crimping tool.

                            Around here smiths charge $75-$100 to change out sights. If you have more than one glock, you might want to invest in a sight pusher.
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                              tru-glos, no if's ands or buts...
                              Be safe pulling back into the thread...


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