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bahamas + gun = legal?


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  • bahamas + gun = legal?

    hey all... going to the bahamas via private plane from west palm, florida... never been... excluding legalities of weapon on private plane, has anyone carried to the bahamas? is it legal? some searching on the web has left me with no answers

    i can live without my gun for a week but if it's cool then, of course, i would feel a lot better with it... i've been to places like seaworld and disney without a weapon and later wished i had as I later found out it was kind of a dont ask dont tell kind of thing...


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    I wouldnt......you are too likely to end up dressed as a circus pony in some jail on the island.....
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      Very few foreign countries allow it. The only one I know of is South Africa, where you can declare your weapon and get a permit under some circumstances.
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        You're covered nationwide under HR 218, but that does NOT extend outside of the country. I know if you go over in a boat, you can have a shotgun on board and a limited number of rounds, but they frown on handguns and there is NO professional courtesy extended there reference carrying. If you absolutely, positively have to take a weapon, make it a long gun secured in a lock box attached to the plane and you do have to declare it upon arrival. If you don't, re-read LA Deps post above.


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          Go to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands instead, HR218/LEOSA applies there as they are US territories.


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