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    Happy New Years all!

    Quick question about some ammo. Here are two descriptions of what I think are the same ammo, but I need to make sure before I purchase it.

    "Ammo 45ACP Federal HydraShok 50-Rd Box 230gr Hollow Point"


    "Premium Handgun Cartridges, .45 Automatic, 230 Grains, Hydra Shok Jacketed Hollow Point"

    Both are made by Federal, but the price is very different. Can anyone think of what the difference is?

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    I may be mistaken, but I believe the one saying Premium... is simply in newer packaging. As far as I know, with the exception of the 'tactical' loadings, the .45ACP 230 grain Hydra-Shok JHP ammo is all the same.

    HOWEVER...current Hydra-Shok bullet PROFILES differ from earlier designs. Current ogives are more 'rounded' to aid feeding. AFAIK, this redesign of the bullet's profile does NOT affect its performance.

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